Indian food is world-famous and there is no denying this fact. These savoury foods are rich in protein, low in calories and wholesome food that is consumed by the majority of Indians. The western states of India have some of the best Indian food in the country. One cannot resist eating these delicacies as they completely satisfy your taste buds.


Here are four famous Indian savouries found in western India.




Khakhra is a famous, crunchy flatbread that found its existence in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a nutritious food item which can be enjoyed best with chutneys or curries. It can also be consumed as a sweet dish by pouring some good amount of ghee and sugar over it. It has now become global and famous all over the world. The state of Gujarat is proudly known by this savoury food item.


2.Vada Pav


An individual entering in any city of Maharashtra is bound to have some Vada pavs either for his breakfast or evening snack.  This spicy Indian food snack is made of potatoes and spices. It appears like a small ball which is dipped in hot oil and deep-fried. It is served with coconut chutney and some fried green chillies. This is a famous snack that is loved by all Maharashtrians and has found its fan base in entire India.


3.Sabudana Vada


This is a popular Indian snack that is consumed by a majority of Indians during fasts. It is made up of soaked tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes, peanut powder and a good amount of Indian spices. This savoury originated in Maharashtra and is commonly eaten by all on a daily basis. Because soaked tapioca pearls are heavy and filling, they are hence best on days of fasting.




Dhokla is a popular Indian dish found in Gujarat which is made of chickpea batter and a variety of spices. These spices are used to enhance the flavour of dhoklas. It is garnished with coconut, coriander and green chillies and served with green mint or coriander chutney. Low calories and protein-rich, dhokla is perfect Indian food for breakfast.

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