Filter coffee which is also known as pour-over coffee is one of the many methods of brewing coffee. It was first popularized in the Southernmost part of India and can be found in all the South Indian restaurants in Toowoomba. However, it has now become famous worldwide and this practice has been followed by many coffee shop owners and home-brewers. There are certain reasons why everyone has now started using this renaissance method.

Let us look at the benefits of filter coffee.

Extremely practical

First of all, filter coffee has the most practical approach ever. It does not need a lot of accessories and can be made anywhere and at any time.  Filter coffee can be easily brewed with minimum utensils and little mess.

Mesmerizing flavour

This particular flavour that filter coffee embodies is outstanding. Its authenticity doesn’t need any extra additions to it in order to make it delicious. It isn’t the most contemporarily advanced approaches to brewing coffee, but its taste surely might leave an impression on the patron.

No skills or knowledge required

Other coffees that you usually get in the cafes have to be made in a certain way. But this traditional coffee perhaps can be made by any amateur because it is simple and easy. Everything that this coffee need is the person brewing, the filter, the coffee and the water. You can find the vendor pouring this coffee from one tumbler to another to form a foam on Indian restaurants. This is the speciality of filter coffee.


This is an inexpensive coffee as one does not need to invest in any expensive equipment to brew an outstanding cup of coffee. As long as you invest in a high-quality coffee, your job is partly done. Well, and then all you need is a filter and receptacle to make that pure magic.


Well, yeah have you heard of a coffee that is portable? Filter coffee kit can be taken anywhere and you can actually brew a cup of coffee right there in no time. This perk of filter coffee you probably can find elsewhere.

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