Idly is usually the most preferred choice of dish for breakfast. This particular food is not just famous for its texture and simple taste but it is also loved for its amazing nutritive value. However, idly is now also eaten for meals. Apart from the classic combination of idly and sambhar, idly now has several unique variations. In order to suit the global taste, idly has now changed drastically in its composition. You can visit an Indian restaurant in Logan to try out the different varieties of idly. Check out some amazing varieties of idly if you want to try something new!


Sambhar idly and vada

Sambhar idly and vada is a combination of both idly and vada. Idly being fermented goes well with the deep-fried vada. This combo is then served with loads of sambhar and chutney. Sambhar idly and vada is apt for breakfast but can also be eaten as a meal. This preparation is quite tummy-filling. If you are on a diet and want to cut down on fried foods, then you can opt only for idly and sambhar!


Ghee Podi idly

Tossed in the Podi powder, Ghee Podi Idly has an earthy flavour to it. Podi is a dry mixture of various ingredients like urad dal, dried chillies, chickpeas and sesame seeds. This mixture is added to the idly along with some ghee and tossed. Yummy to the core, this delicacy is best eaten as an evening snack. With the mild amount of spices, Ghee Podi Idly can also be eaten by people who do not prefer spicy food.


Kanchipuram Idly

Slightly different from the regular idly, Kanchipuram idly has a distinctive taste. This particular kind of idly is cooked in the same manner as the regular idly but has a few added ingredients like pepper, curry leaves and cumin seeds. This variety of idly tastes well with a tomato chutney or a coconut chutney. Sometimes this idly is tossed in Ghee giving it a rich flavour.

Visit an Indian restaurant in Logan to try out these mind-blowing idly varieties.