Are you planning to refurbish your restaurant in Melbourne CBD? Designing your restaurant can cost you bigtime but if you try to make it simple and classy, you would also save a lot of money.


Here are a few tips on how to spruce up your restaurant in the expensive city of Melbourne CBD.


1. Minimalist shelving for enhanced styling


Minimalist shelving can help you organize your restaurant in the most appealing way and will also add a unique style to your restaurant. You can go with different shapes or textures to make them more attractive. Also, these can be done yourself, making it pocket friendly.


2. Feature beautiful plants


Who doesn’t like plants? They are one of the best cheaper ways to groom your space. They are can make your interiors look gorgeous and your restaurants can be paradise in no time. Low maintenance plants are best to make your interiors look great.


3. Let the local art get some platform


Paintings can make your walls more appealing. You can make your restaurant a part-time gallery by using the art of lesser-known local artists.


4. Choose the best Light fixtures


Elegant light fixtures can brighten up your mood. The use of such lights in your restaurants will make it look fascinating. You can find a number of options in light fixtures and choosing the right ones are very important.


5. Unique seating


Unique seating always makes a difference as stools and chairs are very common. Innovate new seating patterns which can also fit in your budget. Go with the ‘Best out of Waste’ policy by utilizing whatever waste products you can see around. Using old, used barrels for seating can be the best example of this.


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