About us

Creating a new Dosa Culture in Australia

When it comes to Dosas, think no further than Dosa Hut. We’re the pioneers when it comes to bringing authentic South Indian food culture to Australia.

Established in 2007, Dosa Hut was born out of a passion for food. Praveen Indukuri and Anil Kumar Karpurapu both came to Australia to study telecommunications. Being the foodies they were, they decided to bring alive their love for South Indian food with Dosa Hut, as there weren’t many places where one could get authentic South Indian food at that time. What started off as a foodie venture has now become an increasingly successful brand of quality Indian cuisine in Melbourne.

Dosa Hut is known for its authenticity when it comes to staying true to the spices, flavors and textures found in original South Indian cuisine. We are also known for serving quality food, at affordable prices. It is only because of these that it has become one of the most popular chains of South Indian restaurants in Melbourne.

India is a land of many colors and flavors, and South Indian cuisine is the term used to collectively refer to flavors from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. What makes South Indian food so distinct from the other Indian cuisines is its use of coconut, lentils and local vegetables like tamarind, snake gourd, plantain and ginger. Also you will notice the refreshing freshness, and lightness of the food – nourish yourself with fresh, wholesome food that isn’t too heavy on the stomach.

Seeped in the richness of South Indian culture, Dosa Hut appeals to a contemporary dining experience, with its casual ambience and friendly staff. With over 90 varieties of Dosas to choose from, innovation is the name of the game at Dosa Hut. Get ready to pamper your taste buds silly with a delicious spread from South Indian cuisine. But that’s not it. We also serve other popular Indian dishes like Biryani, Indo Chinese and Chaat, now, isn’t that such a delicious space to be in? So be it for the best biryani in Melbourne or the best dosa in Melbourne, you now know where to find the best South Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

Dosa Hut is open for dine-in, pick-up and take away, and we also undertake catering orders for your special events too. We’re proud to say that Dosa Hut has created a special niche for South Indian food in Melbourne, Indo-Chinese, Biryani & Chaats, with restaurants in Clayton, Footscray, Roxburgh Park, CBD MelbourneTarneit, Harris Park, Brisbane, Springfield, & Point Cook.