Dosa Hut needs no introduction today. Regarded as the fastest growing Indian restaurant chain, it has become the go-to Indian multi-cuisine restaurant for foodies all across Australia today. But our story can best be described as a fortunate accident, much to our delight.

Our founders, Anil Kumar Karpurapu and Praveen Indukuri were batch mates studying telecommunications in Melbourne. Being foodies at heart, they would often travel long distances to satiate their love for Dosa, as there weren’t many South Indian restaurants around back then. This led them to start their own food venture, an Indian restaurant called Salaam Namaste. Three years of hands-on experience later, they opened the doors to the very first Dosa Hut in Footscray, in 2007. This turned out to be the start of an eventful and fulfilling journey, and continues till date as we serve over 7 million customers annually.

We are often asked about our secret to success. But ask any of our regulars, and they will let you in on our open secret – being authentic to our roots, not compromising on quality, and keeping our customers first.


CEO, Co-Founder

A Masters in Telecommunications from the Victorian University of Technology (VIT), Anil hadn’t really planned on becoming an entrepreneur. He worked a variety of jobs in Melbourne, including a stint with the Metro Railway, before starting his entrepreneurial journey with our co-founder Praveen. Anil’s early years as an entrepreneur entailed a demanding time, working long hours at a regular day job and at the restaurant in the evenings, while also balancing family time. It wasn’t long before he decided to quit his job and devote his time to take Dosa Hut to the next level. One defining moment for him was introducing the franchisee concept for an Indian restaurant in Australia, which immensely contributed to the brand’s growth. His strong commitment to customer satisfaction and building a foundation of trust has also become an intrinsic part of our brand’s culture.

Apart from food, Anil is also passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures, and not surprisingly, new cuisines as well!


Managing Director & Co Founder

Raised in the port city of Vishakhapatnam and holding a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications, Praveen arrived in Melbourne in 2002 to pursue his Masters in Telecommunications from VIT. Just like Anil, he also made a transition from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial life by straddling almost three jobs a day during his earlier years. He eventually took the huge leap of faith to quit his job and direct all his energy into building Dosa Hut into the brand it is today. He has even worked in the Dosa Hut kitchen and been a part of the service staff initially, and he credits these experiences as being crucial to building their customer base. His driving mantra for success is to not worry about competition, but to focus on the needs of the customer instead, and building a family environment within the company.

Praveen sees himself as a complete family man who enjoys travel, music, movies and cooking, and also has an interest in spiritual development.


Being invested in customer satisfaction is ingrained at the very core of our brand. This percolates down from our founders, and is a guiding principle for everyone who works with us. We always strive to create an experience which is pleasant, memorable and respectful of our customers, treating them in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves. One of the ways we do this is by using Grade A ingredients in all our preparations, even if it means going the extra mile to source them, and incurring a higher cost. But the results have been well worth it as for us at Dosa Hut, our customers’ delight is our highest reward.


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