Schezwan is a hot and chilli flavoured sauce mostly used in Chinese dishes. The use of schezwan sauce has become rampant, especially after the increased popularity of Indo-Chinese. Schezwan sauce is a favourite of the masses and this particular creation is also used as a dip in many recipes. This sauce is filled with spicy flavours and has a vibrant red colour. Lately, the use of this particular sauce has also undergone a drastic change. Apart from being used in Chinese dishes, schezwan sauce is now also used to create variations in dosa and rice preparations. Here is all you need to know about this unique sauce-

  • Schezwan sauce as a dip

Though schezwan sauce is mostly used as an ingredient in Chinese dishes, it can also be used as a dip. Many dishes which are chilli-based come with saucy dips. Delicacies like chicken Manchurian, chicken pakoda, Gobi 65, chilli paneer, baby corn Manchurian, chilli gobi, etc. taste scrumptious with schezwan dip. If you are bored with tomato sauce and other mundane dips then schezwan dip is a must try.

  • Schezwan sauce in rice preparations

Schezwan sauce is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of Chinese dishes. Rice dishes can be clubbed with schezwan sauce to give it a unique flavour. Schezwan fried rice, schezwan prawn fried rice, schezwan chicken noodles, schezwan chicken fried rice, etc are universal favourites.

  • Variations to create with schezwan sauce

If experimenting is your style, then adding schezwan sauce to dosas, sandwiches, vegetables can create a new recipe altogether. For starters, one can opt for schezwan chicken or schezwan paneer. Additionally, people also like gorging on schezwan noodles, schezwan egg noodles, schezwan dosa, etc. Just the addition of this lip-smacking sauce can turn a simple dish around. However, when you think of using this sauce to your dishes, make sure you first add just a small amount of it. Excess of schezwan sauce in a dish can make the preparation very spicy, hence keep the quantity in check.

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