Indian food is known for its variety, high quality, and taste. The culinary experience is bound to vary from one state of India to another. The wide variety of Indian food is attributed to diversity in culture and society across the nation. Indian cuisine is generally divided into North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Today South Indian food is gaining a lot of popularity and more and more people are frequently ordering South Indian delicacies when they visit the best Indian restaurant in Malvern.

For Indians living abroad, it is a pleasure to visit an Indian restaurant serving authentic Indian delicacies amidst a warm and friendly ambiance that reminds them about home. It could be truly nostalgic to hear the spluttering mustard seeds, smell the golden fried crispy vadas, and taste the piping hot sambar that is made from tur dal or lentil with vegetables and tamarind pulp and the amazing touch of soft and fluffy idlis. South Indian food served in the best Indian restaurant in Malvern appeals to your senses and is not only aromatic but also yummy. South Indian food could be truly fascinating, rich, and exotic.

South Indian Food Never Fails To Please Your Senses

South India is slightly more traditional in its food habits as compared to the North Indian states. The staple food of South Indians is rice. A South Indian meal is traditionally served on a fresh green plantain leaf. A typical South Indian meal would comprise of some rice, sambar or lentil with vegetables, side dishes, pickles, rasam, and a curry. The meal is mostly flavoursome. You could enjoy sweet, spicy, and sour delicacies. Dosas are regarded as the most popular and delicious South Indian dish that could be enjoyed at breakfast or could be served even during the meal times. Masala dosa is the undisputed king of all other dosas. A masala dosa would always win the heart of a gourmet.

A Fulfilling Breakfast with Soft Fluffy Idlis

Rice is the staple food in the South Indian states. Idli, dosa, uttapam are all rice-based and extremely popular items. These dishes are made from rice, and lentil batter that is fermented and then used for making idlis which are soft and fluffy steamed rice cakes served with piping hot sambar and coconut chutney. Often people enjoy both idlis and dosa for breakfast. Dosa is made with the fermented rice and lentil batter but is actually an Indian and a much thinner and crispier version of the quintessential pancakes. Dosa is also enjoyed with sambar and chutney.

The Aromatic Dum-Ki-Biryani

South Indians are predominantly vegetarian but Dum-ki-Biryani is a non-vegetarian dish that has won huge popularity and acclaim all over the world. This is a Hyderabadi delight that was introduced in India by the Nizams. This is a truly mind-blowing dish that comprises of long-grained Basmati Rice and marinated chicken or meat. Lots of authentic Indian spices and saffron are added to create the unbeatable taste, aroma, and flavour. The next time you visit the most reputed Indian restaurant located in Malvern, do not forget to order a Dum Biryani of your choice. You would surely be spoilt for choices.