For those who love adding chocolate to their meals, we definitely understand your craving. And with chocolate being beneficial for your health, Dosa Hut, the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne, makes it a point to add chocolate to your meals by offers Lindt dosas that you can indulge in as a finishing touch to your meal or even as your main course.

From being nutritious and protecting your skin from the sun, here’s how chocolate in your meals benefit you:


Acts as an Antioxidant

The organic compounds that dark chocolate consists of are active and work as antioxidants. Catechins, flavanols, and polyphenols are some of these compounds. According to research, dark chocolate have more antioxidants than the fruits that were tested.


Has Nutritional Value

Quality dark chocolate have a high nutritious value and benefit one a great deal when had in moderation. These also have enough minerals and soluble fibres, making them beneficial for health.


Improves Blood Flow and Lowers Blood Pressure

The lining of our arteries, or endothelium, produce nitric oxide that sends a signal to the arteries to relax which lessens blood flow resistance, thereby reducing blood pressure. Dark chocolate has a compound called flavanol that enables the artery lining to produce nitric oxide. This has also been proven through studies to a great extent.


Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

One great thing about dark chocolate is its ability to keep cholesterol from settling into the arteries. This eventually lessens the risk of heart diseases. Another research conducted also showed a reduction in the risk of plaque in the arteries when chocolate is consumed twice a week or more.

With chocolate being such a promising ingredient in terms of taste and health, all you need do to indulge in some is head to the nearest Dosa Hut eatery to your place.