4 North Indian Snacks To Relish.


When you talk about the North Indian Snacks, you just cannot resist them eating, because they are so delicious and tasty. North Indian cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in India as well as abroad. Most often than not you can find all the below menu in any Indian restaurant in Gold Coast. So, before you visit, run through over such snacks which will make it easier to choose from the various options available.

Aloo Tikki

Any dish without having potatoes in it is next to impossible in Indian cuisine, more specifically North Indian cuisine. It has onions and potatoes that are shaped into croquettes which includes various spices. It is then deep-fried and offered with accompaniments such as a green mint chutney.


This snack is popular in the Rajasthan, an Indian state. It is crispy, spicy and deeply coloured in yellow and flavoured with several spices. It has a long shelf life and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Dahi Vada

Dahi vada- This famous Indian snack is served either as a main dish or as an accompaniment to vegetable or meat dishes. The dish has its root in North India and consists of savoury lentil-based fried balls (vadas) that are soaked in a thick yogurt (dahi). It is garnished with two different chutneys which are sour and spicy with added cumin, chillies and coriander. It is an ideal refreshment in the summer days.


Boondi is made with the help of ground chickpeas and is usually the main dish during Indian weddings and any festivities. This snack has both the versions-savoury and sweet. It is mostly enjoyed as desserts and is crispy small yellow balls which make them look beautiful and delectable.

If you want to relish any of the above snacks, visit Dosa Hut– an Indian restaurant in Gold Coast. It is a popular restaurant that offers a variety of Indian dishes that will give your taste-buds a memorable experience. We are happy to serve you. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.


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