Indian cuisine makes use of several spices and vegetables. This unique cuisine is not only filled with a variety of flavours but is also full of health benefits. In Indian food, onions play a very integral role in most dishes. Onions are used widely in Indian curries because of their interesting taste and aroma. Besides the stated, they also add a lot of flavour to any dish. Moreover, onions are extremely flexible because they effortlessly fit into any preparation. If you feel your curry is coming out to be bland and tasteless then it is best to add onions to the mixture! There are many onion-based Indian dishes which are popular all over the globe. Eat at an Indian restaurant in Brisbane and enjoy the delicious onion preparations. Check out these must-try onion dishes.


Onion Uttapam


The most popular food family in Indian cuisine is South Indian food. Apart from the different types of idlis and dosas, uttapam is also adored by many. Onion Uttapam is one of the most preferred breakfast delicacies. This particular dish is both delicious and nutritious. It is a simple dish similar to a dosa but thicker. An uttapam is made with rice and lentil batter. Onions are then added to the same to enhance its taste. Best eaten with chutney and sambar, onion uttapam is the most popular onion dish.


Onion and chilli omelette


For people who love eggs and onions, onion chilli omelette is the best dish to try. Usually, this omelette consists of chopped onions, chillies, spices and coriander. The mild taste of the egg blends amazingly well with the other ingredients. A bit on the spicier side, onion and chilli omelette is one of the many variations of omelette. This dish is tummy-filling to an extent and also has many health benefits. Onions help in improving bone density, lowering cholesterol levels, etc. whereas eggs are extremely rich in proteins.


Onion Masala Dosa


Onion masala dosa has the goodness of both potatoes and onions. This dosa is quite heavy and is apt for a meal too. The stated dish consists of a potato mixture with added onions. Tasty to the core, onion masala dosa is worth every penny.

Visit an Indian restaurant in Brisbane and try these amazing onion dishes.