The South Indian dish Dosa is more like comfort food. Similar to crepes, their crispy exterior makes them unique and delicious. Dosas are easy to digest and come in several variations. Made from the goodness of lentils and rice, dosas are full of nutrients. The fermented batter of lentils and rice is used to make dosas. Dosas apart from their original form, now come in unique variations like Paneer Spring Roll Dosa, Schezwan Masala Dosa, Egg Onion Dosa, Chicken 65 Dosa, etc. Typically, a dosa is best eaten with sambhar and chutney but nowadays dips are also served as sides with dosas. Though most South Indian dishes are eaten for breakfast, dosas have carved a special place for themselves on lunch and dinner tables. Popular all over the globe for its crispy and mild taste, dosas are a must-try for all. Well, not everyone is a fan of heavily stuffed dosa preparations. If you are wanting to try something light for your next meal, then you should binge on the simpler dosa variations! Visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and try the following simple yet appetizing dosas.


Paper dosa


Perfect for crisp lovers, Paper dosa is almost like a plain dosa but crunchier. This dosa is extremely thin which gives it a unique texture. Light on the stomach and extremely healthy, Paper dosa is also larger in size as compared to plain dosa. Have this dosa with sambhar and chutney to enhance its mild taste.


Ghee dosa


Quite rich in taste, the Ghee dosa is smeared with a good amount of ghee. This dosa is light on the stomach but has a buttery feel to it thanks to the addition of ghee. The ghee balances the crispiness of the dosa making it perfect. If you are not a fan of super-crisp dosas then you can opt for ghee dosa.


Podi dosa


Podi dosa has a spicy flavour to it because of the inclusion of gun powder also known as podi. The addition of podi to the dosa adds an element of spiciness. Different from the other plain dosa versions, this dosa is far from bland.


Try these dosas at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and impress your foodie soul.