For many of us, breakfast is probably the most boring meal of the day. Breakfast needs to be nutritious because it’s the fuel for the day. Indian breakfast is interesting to the core with several ingredients and flavours. Moreover, breakfast dishes in Indian cuisine are not just restricted to fruits and cereals, this particular cuisine contains tummy-filling dishes like idli, upma, dosa, etc. Primarily, most of these dishes are made up of rice and lentil batter. These dishes don’t just contain batter they also include vegetables and certain spices. If you are looking out for something extremely unique for your breakfast then Indian breakfast dishes are a must-try. A perfect concoction of taste and nutrition, these breakfast dishes will make you feel full in no time. Head to an Indian restaurant in Point Cook and try these amazing breakfast dishes.




Upma is the most eaten South Indian dish made from semolina. Upma is a thick porridge-like recipe which also contains a few vegetables. Upma is low on spices and condiments and is not at all spicy. Upma can be eaten with coconut chutney or as it is! If you are someone who loves to have a mild breakfast then upma is a must-have.


Sambhar Vada


For people who are extremely diet conscious, vada might not be the right choice. However, vada sambhar can be eaten for breakfast because vada is made from lentil batter and is then deep fried. Vada is eaten with sambhar which is made up of lentil and is like a soup. Delicious to the core, vada sambhar is medium spicy. Vada is crispy in its texture and can be eaten with chutney also!


Sambhar Idly


Idly is undoubtedly the most adored breakfast delicacy. Made from rice and lentil batter, idly is a steamed dish which contains no fatty ingredients like oil or ghee. Eaten with sambhar, idly sambhar is light on the tummy and nutritious.

Eat mind-blowing breakfast dishes at an Indian restaurant in Point Cook.