Cheese lovers find a way to include cheese in all the dishes they love. Indian cuisine is well-known all over the world for its exotic flavours and ingredients. The most popular Indian dishes are curries and rice preparations. Typically, all regions in India are famous for one or the other delicacy. If you are a food lover and want to try new flavours then Indian cuisine is a must-try. Every Indian curry is generally eaten with Indian breads. Initially, people only binged on the typical Indian breads like naan, paratha, kulcha, roti, etc. Just like other dishes, Indian bread has also undergone a drastic makeover with the inclusion of new ingredients. Cottage cheese is extensively used in Indian curries because it blends with all the flavours and spices. In order to make the curry rich in taste, cottage cheese is used. A typical Indian meal consists of curry, Indian bread, rice and dal.Visit an Indian restaurant in Brisbane and try wonderful Indian dishes. Cheese has lately become the most used component in Indian breads. Check out some lip-smacking cheesy Indian breads.

Cheese Naan

Naan is the most eaten Indian bread. This particular bread is known for its authentic tandoor style cooking. Further, the bread is laden with butter which makes it all the more delicious. In cheese naan, apart from the dough, cheese is also added inside the naan. A perfectly cooked cheese naan is crisp on the outside and is chewy on the inside.

Cheese kulcha

The dough of the kulcha is slightly different from the naan. The dough for the kulcha consists of flour, milk, yoghurt and salt. Kneaded with water, the dough for the kulcha is slightly softer and chewy. Cheese is further added as a stuffing to the kulcha. Cheese kulcha is best eaten with paneer curries.

Cheese and chilli tandoori roti

For people who love a bit of extra spice in their meal should try cheese and chilli tandoori roti. Tandoori roti is a whole wheat roti which is a bit crispy as compared to the other breads. Cheese and chilli are added to the roti which makes it tasty. The combination of cheese and chilli in a roti is unique and interesting.

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