India being a land of diversity has several options in its food items. Indian cuisine is vast with innumerable flavours and ingredients. When one talks about a traditional meal, the mention of curries, Indian bread and rice is a must. Indian curries have a distinct identity of their own because they make use of many uncommon ingredients. These curries can either have a gravy-like consistency or are simply dry. Well, in order to enjoy delicious curries, it is necessary to eat them with Indian bread. Every traditional Indian bread has a special cooking technique of its own which gives it a peculiar texture and taste. The simplicity of Indian bread is what makes it delectable. The humble Indian roti is popular all over the globe but lately, many new roti variations have also entered in the must-have list. These Indian bread are now made with cheese which enhances their taste to a large extent. Visit an Indian restaurant in Toowoomba and try cheese-filled Indian bread with lip-smacking curries. Take a look at the following cheesy breads which are worth a try.


Cheese and garlic tandoori roti


This Indian flatbread has a strong flavour of garlic which is balanced with a generous addition of cheese. Eat this Indian bread with a spicy Indian curry and you are bound to impress your taste buds.


Cheese Kulcha

This North Indian bread is slightly heavy on the stomach because it is sometimes stuffed with a variety of ingredients like paneer, onions, potatoes, etc. In Cheese Kulcha, the kulcha will be stuffed with melted cheese which will satiate your cravings thoroughly. Keep your stomach empty before you binge on this cheesy delicacy.


Cheese and Chilli naan


Naan has a tricky texture wherein its exterior is crispy and the interior is soft. This Indian bread is baked and then brushed with butter. In the cheese and chilli naan, the naan is filled with loads of cheese and hints of chilli. The combination of cheese and chilli is interesting to the core and gels well with every Indian curry.

Try out these cheesy breads at an Indian restaurant in Toowoomba.