Every food preparation now has a variation. Just like curries and rice dishes, even dosas come in several different varieties. South Indian cuisine is popular all over the globe for dosa and idli. Perfect for light meals and breakfast, dosas are known for their crispy texture and buttery taste. Made from a fermented batter, dosas are extremely nutritious. Stuffed with flavorful vegetables and spices, Spring Roll dosa is a perfect Indo-Chinese preparation. Even Spring Roll dosas come in several variations these days like Paneer Spring Roll dosa, Masala Spring Roll dosa, Chicken Spring Roll dosa, etc. For those who don’t know much about South Indian dishes, a dosa is almost like a crepe. Served with sambar and chutney, dosas are a must-try for food lovers. Apart from Spring Roll dosas, you can also binge on Onion Masala Dosa, Cheese and Chilli Dosa and Chicken 65 Dosa. Head to the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and satiate your taste-buds with the following Spring Roll Dosas.


Paneer Spring Roll dosa


Crispy and savoury, Paneer Spring Roll dosa is not very spicy. Filled with a tossed mixture of vegetables and paneer, Paneer Spring Roll dosa also contains several spices. Quite heavy on the stomach, this dosa is currently the most popular Spring Roll dosa variation.


Chicken Spring Roll dosa


Chicken is one versatile ingredient which easily fits in every food preparation. Chicken Spring Roll dosa is an interesting dish with a crispy texture on the outside and tender chicken stuffing on the inside. The chicken in this preparation is mixed with several spices too which gives it a delicious taste.


Masala Spring Roll dosa


Slightly different from the regular masala dosa, the Spring Roll version of masala dosa has a hint of Chinese in every bite. This dosa is stuffed with spiced potatoes along with other vegetables. The blend of Chinese sauces and spices makes this dosa extremely delectable.


Try these amazing Spring Roll dosas at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.