Keeping hunger pangs at bay in the evening is a challenge of sorts for most people. Evenings usually call for something light and delectable. Focusing on the right dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a norm but lately, people have started to experiment with their evening snacks. Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes which are perfect for evenings. The discussion about Indian food is totally incomplete without the mention of chaat dishes. Chaat dishes have a distinct identity of their own. Made up of different kind of chutneys, Indian chaat dishes are a blend of several flavors. These dishes are perfect for evenings because they are not heavy on the stomach but are extremely delicious. Indian food is known for curries, Indian bread and rice preparations but lately, chaat items have created a separate fan base of their own. Known for being crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy, chaat food items are a must-try for all. You can try these delicacies at an Indian restaurant in South Melbourne. Check out the following chaat dishes which will satiate your evening hunger pangs.


Samosa Chaat


This lip-smacking dish contains triangular deep-fried cones filled with potatoes and peas and a mixture of chutneys. The preparation is sometimes also garnished with chopped tomatoes and onions. The crunchiness of the samosas blends perfectly well with the chutneys giving it a perfect taste.


Sev Puri


An extremely popular street-side snack, Sev Puri is nothing but round and fried crispy puris topped with chopped onions and tomatoes, chutneys, sev and coriander. The sev here is similar to fried and crunchy noodles made of flour paste. Light on the stomach and unique to the core, Sev Puri will leave your taste-buds surprised.


Cut Mirchi chaat


Cut Mirchi chaat is fritters made up of low spice chilies. Further, chutneys are added to these fritters to enhance its taste. Binge on these crispy fritters to make your evenings flavourful.


Visit an Indian restaurant in South Melbourne and relish these unique dishes!