Dosa is regarded as one of the most delicious and popular Indian dishes. Not only is dosa scrumptious, it is also regarded as a really flavoursome item on your breakfast menu. You must try this authentic South Indian delicacy and I am sure you would be asking for more. Be sure to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Footscray and enjoy any delectable South Indian dish including several types of dosa.

Dosa is something unique and everyone loves to have a dosa whenever they get an opportunity to do so. This is a conventional, savoury, and a mouth-watering South Indian delicacy that is highly acclaimed across the globe thanks to its taste, nutritional balance, flavours, colours, and fascinating visual appeal.

The best thing about a dosa is that it is a truly versatile dish despite being a simple one. You could simply alter the ingredients or make some modifications to the batter and get a different type of dosa altogether. Here are some of the most popular varieties of dosa.

Sada Dosa or Plain Dosa

Sada or plain dosa is a simple or basic dosa with no stuffing. It is made from soaked rice and lentil that is made into a nice batter with the help of a mixer. The batter is left overnight for fermentation. Sada dosa is really simple and tasty and known for its taste and texture. It is just like a simple pancake. Some prefer very thin and crispy sada dosa while others enjoy a soft and thicker sada dosa. Sada dosa is served with piping hot Sāmbhar, and coconut chutney that is tempered with roasted mustard seeds. The sada dosa is unbeatable in terms of texture, taste, and flavours. You simply cannot stop at just one. Any gourmet would surely be tempted to eat more than one.

Paper Masala Dosa

Paper dosa is made from the same rice and dal fermented batter and spread evenly like a thin pancake or a crepe on a thick and heavy-bottomed pan. It is super thin and crispy and usually, rolled up like a tube. Paper dosa with a spicy and tasty boiled and mashed potato filling is called a paper masala dosa while a paper dosa without the stuffing is just a paper plain dosa. Enjoy your dosa with finger-licking coconut chutney and delicious tangy sambhar. Reserve a table at a renowned Indian restaurant, if you are in Footscray to enjoy a variety of dosa and other South Indian delicacies as well.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is truly addictive and a hot favourite South Indian breakfast dish that could be relished even as a lunch item or an evening snacks or dinner. Masala dosa traditionally is sprinkled with a mix of dry spices and ghee or clarified butter. This mixture is evenly spread on the crepe-like dosa and then the potato filling is stuffed inside the dosa or served separately. Masala dosa is pretty filling and economical too. It is the best food to order when you are really hungry and wish to enjoy a filling meal without burning a hole in your pocket.

There is a host of other dosas like the cheese chilly dosa, chicken 65 dosa, onion dosa, paneer masala dosa, lamb dosa, upma dosa etc.

Simply walk into the best Indian restaurant based in Footscray, and choose your favourite dosa from an extensive menu.