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Our Story

Started as a 10-seater restaurant in Barkly Street, Footscray. Dosa Hut has now grown into an increasingly successful brand as a quality Indian Multi Cuisine in Australia. Dosa Hut was born out of a passion for quality ethnic Indian food. Praveen and Anil both came to Australia to study telecommunication. Their love of food made them best of friends and they decided to venture into opening a small South Indian restaurant in 2007. Due to excess demand from customers, the store went through a major renovation increasing it to a 50-seater restaurant. Now the minimum seating customer demand is a 100-seater for any new store.


To provide a truly authentic Indian food experience with delicious Dosas (70+ varieties), Biryani (Famous Hyderabadi Dum Style), Indo-Chinese, Tandoor, Curries and other regional food favourites with exotic flavours. Attention to detail, genuine customer service, convenience and affordable meals allows us to share a little bit of home with all our customers.


Customers are a big part of Dosa Hut and we have worked hard to provide them with latest updates through the means of different media (social media, news channels, community hubs, theatres, social events, etc). There are currently 50,000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram who receive updates regularly with the latest promotions. The website www.dosahut.net.au gets more than 1,000 hits a day. We have recently released a loyalty app which will be for increasing the customer base by introducing a rewarding point system for our loyal customers a win-win solution for everyone, with the overall goal to increase sales and thereby increasing profits to our franchises. Our dedicated marketing team ensures that customers are updated every day through social media.

Our Menu

Taste our Rich Culture on a Plate

Our Menu has been designed to satisfy the needs of everyone’s taste, consisting of four main categories in Dosas, Indo-Chinese, Biryani, Tandoor & Curries respectively. Through constant monitoring of sales of various products, new items are added, and old items improved/removed. We serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian items for all food enthusiasts.


A thin layered rice crepe made from batter, cooked on a flat pan. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, it is similar to a crepe in appearance. Made from rice and black gram ground together into a fine, smooth batter with a sprinkle of salt. Dosas, are a typical part of the South Indian diet, but the dish is now popular all over the Indian subcontinent and widely consumed. Traditionally, dosas are served hot along with sambar and chutney. At Dosa Hut we have over 70+ varieties of dosas, which also include sweet variations.


Indo-Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes through a larger offering to also include vegetarian dishes. Dosa Hut were one of the first pioneers in providing IC dishes in Australia. Today, Chinese food is an integral part of the Indian culinary scene. Foods tend to be flavoured with spices such as cumin, coriander seeds, and turmeric in Chinese cuisines. Also hot chilli, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, dry red chilis, black peppercorns and yogurt are also frequently used in dishes which makes Indian Chinese food similar in taste to many ethnic dishes in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, which have strong Chinese and Indian cultural influences.


At Dosa Hut we specialise in cooking Hyderabadi Style Dum Biryanis. This method of cooking uses a round, heavy-bottom pot, in which food is sealed and cooked over a slow fire. The two main aspects to this style of cooking are: bhunao and dum, or ‘roasting’ and ‘maturing’ of a prepared dish. In this cuisine, herbs and spices are important. The process of slow roasting gently allows each spice to release its maximum flavour. Ingredients vary according to the region and the type of meat used. Meat is the prime ingredient with rice along with vegetables. The spices and condiments used in biryani may include ghee (clarified butter), nutmeg, mace, pepper, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions, tomatoes, saffron, green chilies, and garlic. We Serve Chicken, Goat & Vegetable biryani’s along with our most selling first ever introduced Chicken 65 Biryani.

Tandoor & Curries

A tandoor is a Indian oven, most commonly a cylindrical clay/metal oven used in cooking and baking in North India. The tandoor is used for cooking in Southern, Central, and Western Asia. Temperatures in a tandoor can reach up to 480 °C. Curry (plural curries) is a variety of dishes originating in the Indian subcontinent that use a complex combination of spices or herbs, usually including ground turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and fresh or dried chilies. Curries contain significant amounts of sauce or gravy based on broth, coconut cream, coconut milk, dairy cream, legume purée, sautéed crushed onion, tomato purée or yogurt. We serve along ready 40+ ala-carte curries on daily basis with change in menu for customers to enjoy more varieties that are developed from our R&D.


Our Branches :

VIC : West Footscray, Tarneit, Roxburgh Park, Clayton, Melbourne CBD, Point Cook, Cranbourne East, Plenty Valley, Watirna South, Geelong, Caroline Springs, Docklands. Manor Lakes and Pakenham coming soon. NSW : Harris Park. Coming Soon….. Dural, Penrith, Marsden Park, Bella Vista, Liverpool QLD : Mount Gravatt, Springfield, Aspley, Gold Coast. Coming Soon….Toowoomba ACT : Canberra CBD SA : Adelaide (Prospect)


Franchising of Dosa Hut started in early 2015 and has since taken us to be the largest Indian Restaurant chain in Australia. Our initial target was to open 10 stores by the end of 2019. Achieved in half the time during 2017 and as of date 20 Stores have been opened.

By the end of 2019 we expect to have 23 Stores with a further 7 expected to open by 2020 in Australia taking the total to 30 Stores. This all wouldn’t be possible without our loyal customer base and investor hard work. Approximately 75 – 80% of the customer base are repeat customers. In total we serve more than 6 million customers per year and counting


Turnover for the whole group for FY 2018 is $30 Million and we estimate to reach $45 Million in sales by FY 2019 due to the increase in the number of restaurants and large acceptance of customer from diƦerent ethnicity.

There is a constant check by our team to ensure all products are priced backed by quality to benefit both shareholders and consumers. Net profit after add backs ranges between 25–30%, giving shareholders value for their money invested.

Investment Opportunity

Any Investor looking at investing into most sought after Indian Multi Cuisine chain with a Brand Name it’s “DOSA HUT”. Established in Australia, under the Food and Safety regulations with 21 plus restaurants managed and inspected by the group. The Group is now seeking to establish its Brand in Overseas and Regional Markets of Australia where there is a huge demand and also has an equal benefit to the Overseas Investors in terms of securing Migration. It has received a huge fan mail for investor showing interests at the moment in Dubai, New Zealand, Singapore, China, United States and UK. Setting up of such a restaurant requires proper management. Management requires that there should be one of the Investors family members or any of their trust worthy contacts to manage the Restaurant -with all the support and training from the Group to ensure that the quality and food is served based upon standards to qualify for that BRAND and also maintain hygenic standards required not only by the Group but also according to the Food and Safety Council Board. Melvyn to add About the opportunity in China The following is the requirements for an Investor to be able to be a part of this growing Chain of restaurants in Australia with a BRAND so well created and maintained.
1: Franchise Fee : $ 50,000
2: Royalty : 10% Franchise fees
3: Marketing Levy : 1%
4: Establishment Cost : Approx $300,000 (varies depending on region)
5: Profit Margin : 25%-30%
The Chairman and Board of Dosa Hut pride themselves in setting up this Brand and would keep that NAME ensuring proper and due diligence is confirmed with the Investor /the Investors profile /and also good intentions to maintain and carry out the required set of terms laid upon for establishing this Investment with Dosa Hut Management Group.

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