Dosa is perhaps the most popular South Indian delicacy that is loved by everyone across the globe. It is a staple food of the South Indians and it surely makes for a truly delicious breakfast item. Today it is enjoyed even in Australia and is available in all reputed South Indian restaurants across the nation. It is an Indian version of the pancake or the crepe. It is thin and crispy but incredibly delicious as it is made from the fermented lentil and rice batter. Visit the top South Indian restaurant in Parramatta for crispy dosa, super-soft and really fluffy idlis and all other yummy South Indian treats.

Is this hot favourite South Indian delicacy healthy?

According to qualified nutritionists, dosa is a healthy choice as it a fantastic source of protein for vegetarians. It is made of lentil and rice batter and is a rich source of proteins and amino acids.

Why dosa is called a versatile dish?

Dosa is a truly versatile dish as it could be enjoyed for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. It is a healthy choice and very easily digestible. If you are famishing you could enjoy a masala dosa which comes with a yummy spiced potato stuffing. Dosa is usually, enjoyed with sambar and chutney.

Does dosa contain carbohydrates?

Yes, Dosa is a brilliant source of carbohydrates. However, Dosa is known to contain healthy carbohydrates that provide your body with the essential energy for performing various activities and functions throughout the day. Dosa is a wonderful choice for people who are on a diet for weight loss. You must not cut out carbohydrates completely from your diet as that would have drastic implications on your health. The absence of carbohydrates from your diet would be making you lethargic, depressed, and certainly low on energy. It is best to visit a reputed South Indian restaurant in Parramatta to get your dose of carbohydrates from a healthy source like steamed idlis and dosas.

Is dosa a source of proteins?

Yes, dosa is a good source of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for your body. Proteins keep you full for longer. Proteins fortify your bones and muscles and nourish your hair. Vegetarians usually, do not get enough proteins to consume unlike meat eaters. Include dosa in your dietary habits as it is a good source of proteins.

Is dosa good for calorie-conscious people?

Yes, of course. Dosa is certainly low in calories. It is good as a light meal. A single serving of the paper or plain dosa comprises about 37 calories only. However, the stuffed masala dosa would be having a higher calorie count and you could enjoy it for breakfast to keep you going the entire day. If you are in Parramatta, visit a reputed South Indian restaurant there for top quality dosa and other South Indian treats.

Tasty yet Healthy Choice

People who follow a strict diet plan, usually, miss out on yummy treats. You may include the delicious dosa in your diet regime without compromising your health.