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Dosa Hut


Indian Restaurant Aspley

Indian Restaurant Aspley

South Indian cuisine holds a certain appeal both in the way it tastes and the aroma it gives off that tantalizes ones taste buds. And while you may have had several opportunities to try out South Indian dishes in most areas in Melbourne, those yearning to get a taste of the best in Aspley now finally have the chance to do so!

Being the pioneers of introducing South Indian cuisine in Australia on a large scale, the popularity of Dosa Hut has spread far and wide with the vast array of authentic South Indian food items served within our premises. This latest branch, which is our Indian restaurant in Aspley, is the third opened in Brisbane and is, nationally, the fourteenth, making us a hit amongst our patrons.


With a passion to not only bring Indian cuisine as a to-be-had delight before customers but also to succeed in making this cuisine a part of Australia, the founders, Praveen and Anil, have worked hard to achieve this outcome over the years. Having started their first branch with a lowly beginning, they very soon managed to lure foodies everywhere with the divine taste of South Indian food and the galore of spices that snag the hearts of Indian food lovers around them.

Over the years, we have managed to become on the most visited South Indian food joints in Australia, and for more reasons than one.

One of the major reasons for this is our dedication to making every dish we serve as delicious as possible. From using the right flavours to creating blends that are authentically Indian, every bite your take from the dishes we serve are bound to be a blissful experience.

And if you thought the taste of the food is the only thing we’ve got going for us, get prepared to be stunned. Our greatest plus point is the fact that we serve an array of dosas that are each different in taste yet mouth-watering to dig into. Dosa Hut, as the name suggests, is the hub to try out a myriad of types of dosas with over 90 varieties served here for dosa lovers. From giving it a Chinese twist to creating a blend of chocolate and dosa for those with a sweet tooth, we have it all at our establishment to give you the perfect dining experience out here.

Apart from dosas, we are also known for the biryanis we serve, the Indo cuisine that people adore, and the lovely Indian chaat dishes we create to give our patrons the true essence of Indian street food. For a truly fulfilling meal, we offer not only the best starters but also provide full-fledged meals, complete with desserts and beverages to make your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners perfect at any of our branches.

Our patrons love our establishments not only for the wonderful food and the aroma of alluring spices in the air within our food joints but also for the ambience and the hospitality we provide. Our branches everywhere boast of splendid interiors that make for a perfect setting for corporate meals, family outings, as well as dinner dates. And you can surely have a lovely time without letting your wallets take a huge hit.

We, at Dosa Hut, are dedicated to offering the best eating experience to our patrons. Apart from giving you the chance to dine in with us, we also cater for parties and events, offer take-away. For a truly delectable dining experience, visit our restaurant at Aspley or any other branches open across the country for the real taste of India!


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