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Dosa Hut


Indian Restaurant Penrith

Give in to your Cravings at Dosa Hut Penrith

Indian food is no stranger to foodies everywhere, no matter what part of the world you belong to. The spice and the tinge of ethnicity that the food offers is enough to make anyone a fan. And living anywhere that is not India can be a mood dampener if you start craving for some parathas one fine day! Finding a place that would do justice to the cuisine is sure to be a difficult task.

To make it easier for you, Dosa Hut has opened yet another branch in Penrith to give you a taste of the best Indian cuisine in the neighborhood. With an ambience and food that are sure to make your soul delight and your taste buds tingle, we have much to offer to you that will keep you coming back for more!


Sure to be known as an establishment that serves food to die for, your very own Dosa Hut in Penrith is to be the 21st branch that we open to give our patrons more to look forward. What started as a small establishment has now become a favourite among the crowd, leading us to spread our wings further in bringing your delicious food closer to home.

Like all of our other branches, this newest Indian restaurant in Penrith is bound to be equally exquisite. Good food should never be restricted to just a certain region and we have been doing our best to increase our reach to more areas so everyone gets the opportunity to taste of the goodness of Indian cuisine that we have been offering for years.

Being pioneers of North Indian food in Australia, Dosa Hut offers a wide range of cuisines such as South Indian preparations, chaats, biryanis, Indo Chinese dishes, etc. that are each a delight to bite into.These multi-cuisine dishes sure are a treat for your taste buds. The desserts out here are another preparation that is unique to Dosa Hut.

Everything, from the ambience of the establishment to the hospitality of our staff, is done keeping in mind the convenience and preference of our patrons. Whether you are out here having a quiet dinner with a loved one or plan on a fun evening with friends and colleagues, you will find something for every mood at Dosa Hut.

There is no dearth to variety at Dosa Hut and we make sure that every dish that is served at your table is worth the experience you desire to have while dining with us. From the starters served and the main course to the dessert and beverages you indulge in, you are sure to enjoy second of every bite when you enter any of our branches.

At Dosa Hut, we do our best to offer our patrons the best of our services. Be it our chefs or the staff serving you, every detail is carefully considered to make the experience a memorable one for our customers. From adding the various dishes on the menu to using unique techniques to augment the taste of the food served, we ensure that you will want for nothing. And if you would much rather dine in the comfort of your homes, we also have take-away!

While we offer a dining experience that will stay with you forever, we also have a lot in store for you apart from our much-loved hospitality. You can get in touch with us for catering options too! Whether it is a house party you are hosting or a formal event, Dosa Hut stands up to the challenge.

With the opening of Dosa Hut in Penrith, you needn’t look for options too far from home when you are in the mood for scrumptious Indian meals. Just come over to our lovely establishment where we live to serve you to the best of our abilities.


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Dosa Hut