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Dosa Hut

Plenty Valley

Indian Restaurant | Plenty Valley

The most exciting dining destination in Plenty Valley!

If you are a foodie at heart, you are in for a treat. Mill Park’s favourite shopping hub now houses a hidden gem in the form of one of Dosa Hut’s most iconic branches till date, serving the best Indian food in Plenty Valley, featuring a wide spread of popular as well as exotic Indian delicacies, specially curated as per the tastes of the local crowds.

Dosa Hut as a brand has become synonymous with being an authentic Indian multi-cuisine restaurant, and has earned the enviable reputation of being one of the fastest growing Indian restaurant chains in Australia. Unlike most other Indian restaurants that serve primarily one type of cuisine, Dosa Hut is a true multi-cuisine restaurant, where you can indulge in traditional dishes from different regions of India.


For those of you who do not know, Indian cuisine is influenced by a variety of factors, which include the different topology and climates across its vast geography, the different spices and flavours enjoyed in different regions as well as by external influences like Mughal royalty and ancient trade. All of this has contributed to making Indian gastronomy a veritable confluence of colours, flavours and textures that is hard to find in any other cuisine of the world. But it would not be fair to look at Indian cuisine as a homogenous cuisine but a rich, multi-cultural affair.

What makes Dosa Hut stand out?

While there are many restaurants serving Indian food in Plenty Valley, one of the biggest things that sets us apart is the sheer variety of dishes on our menu. You can indulge in a multi-course meal, complete with appetizing snacks and starters, street food Chaat favourites, main course options from Dosas to Biryanis, Curries and Indo-Chinese, and some very delectable desserts. You can also dig into some of our Dosa Hut exclusives, like stuffed Dosas as well as delicious dessert Dosas!

Unlike most other Indian restaurant chains, we have a very strong focus on being authentic and true to our roots when it comes to bringing alive the flavours of the dishes we serve, making us the best Indian restaurant in Plenty Valley. No matter what your palate preferences may be, our menu has something for everyone, and you can always count on our service staff to recommend dishes that match your distinct tastes. Just like all other Dosa Hut branches, we are quite the stickler for maintaining high quality standards and perfection in flavours. We are able to do this by sourcing Grade A ingredients for all our preparations, and by putting all our new chefs through a thorough training to master Indian cooking techniques. All of this is topped by our exceptional service, and the welcoming vibe of our carefully designed restaurant. We are a preferred choice for those looking for a fine dining Indian restaurant in Plenty Valley.

And for those of you who can’t make it or wish to enjoy our food in the comfort of your own homes, you could check out our extensive Indian takeaway menu at the Plenty Valley branch. We are without doubt the best Indian takeaway in Plenty Valley, featuring most of the specialties from our regular menu, so that you do not miss out on any of your favourites! And should you choose an Indian food takeaway or an Indian food delivery from our Plenty Valley restaurant, you can recreate the Dosa Hut experience no matter where you are.

If you wish to explore the many tastes of traditional Indian cuisine and are looking for a memorable Indian fine dining experience, then our Indian restaurant in Plenty Valley is just the place you want to visit! You can enjoy your favourite dishes at our plush sit-out, while you take in the sights and sounds of Westfield. We are conveniently located next to prime shopping and entertainment venues, be it the movies, a gaming centre or a play arena. So the next time after you tire out from a shopping spree, you know where to wind up for a hearty dinner! Alternatively, you can also opt to have your Indian food parcel delivered to you, from our Indian delivery restaurant in Plenty Valley.


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Dosa Hut