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Dosa Hut


Treat yourself to the best Indian food in Tarneit.

This isn’t just a bold claim. The Dosa Hut restaurant in Tarneit attracts a steady stream of foodie fans on all days, a lot of whom are regulars. This isn’t surprising, given its location in the popular Wyndham Village Shopping Centre. Dosa Hut Tarneit offers a cozy Indian fine dining experience in the hustle of this busy shopping destination, and has managed to earn a reputation as the best Indian restaurant in Tarneit. But this is a far cry from when we started off – as a simple Indian restaurant offering simple South Indian fare to Indian and other foodies in the locality.


The start of a delicious legacy

Dosa Hut was born during a time when it was difficult for foodies to get authentic South Indian food in Melbourne. Our founders, Praveen Indukuri and Anil Kumar Karpurapu, Indian students at the Melbourne University, were passionate foodies who would drive around for miles just to sample and relish the flavours they regarded as home. This went on for a few years, all through their studies, until the day that they decided to bring the experience of authentic South Indian food to the community in Melbourne. And this is what gave birth to the idea of Dosa Hut.

Today, Dosa Hut is one of the fastest growing Indian restaurant chains in  Australia, and continues to grow stronger every year.

From regional to pan-Indian cuisine

Initially offering only a small selection of South Indian fare, such as Dosa and Idly, we have now grown into an Indian multi-cuisine restaurant, offering specialty Indian food from different regions of India, right in the heart of Tarneit. From North Indian curries and Tandoori dishes to the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, exciting Indo Chinese and Indian Chaat to an array of traditional Indian desserts, Dosa Hut is like a culinary serving of India, on a platter! You could actually enjoy a multi-course meal, akin to a fine dining Indian restaurant in Tarneit, with a different selection of dishes every time.

The core essence that remains unchanged

Dosa Hut is much more than just great food. It is about recreating an authentic Indian culinary experience, to share with those who are away from India, and foodies who want to explore different cuisines. A lot of care is taken at every step, to ensure complete authenticity of the dishes we prepare – right from sourcing the freshest high quality ingredients to retaining the traditional methods of preparation to ensure that the original flavour of the dish doesn’t change. Because we would like to serve only the best, and this has helped us earn the loyal patronage of our guests.

More than a regular Indian restaurant in Tarneit

Dosa Hut is not just about the food though. It is a place where people come together, and have a good time over great food. The cozy ambience is perfect for a lunch date, as well as an evening out with friends. The relaxed environment is further enhanced by our friendly and attentive service, all of which add up to create a pleasant experience for everyone who steps in.

But if you can’t visit our restaurant, there is no need to fret as yet. We are also an Indian delivery restaurant, and offer Indian food delivery to any location within Tarneit. You can thus enjoy your favourite Indian food parcel at your doorstep in Tarneit. Alternatively, you could also choose your dish from our extensive Indian takeaway menu, and come by to collect your Indian food takeaway from our Tarneit restaurant. After all, it isn’t for nothing that we are known as the best Indian takeaway in Tarneit.

Apart from dine-in and Indian takeaway in Tarneit, Dosa Hut Tarneit also provides catering for a variety of events. We also excel in large scale catering services for parties and formal/casual functions. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries.


Dosa Hut Indian Multi Cuisine Australia
Dosa Hut Indian Multi Cuisine Australia
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Dosa Hut

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