Be it unique cooking techniques or use of several ingredients, Indian cuisine is known all over the globe for its wonderful flavours. When it comes to discussing this particular cuisine, the element of spice cannot be missed. Apart from North Indian and South Indian dishes, Indian food also has a dedicated category for snack items called chaat! Snack dishes in Indian food family are not just restricted to sandwiches and rolls. Chaat items are different from other food preparations because most of these dishes contain chutneys. These chutneys are usually of two flavours i.e. spicy and sweet and they bring out the best in a dish! Chaat specialities in India vary from place to place depending on the local taste and preference of the people. Started off as street food, chaat items are now served at fancy restaurants too. Several chaat dishes also use yoghurt in their preparations. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and binge on snack dishes for your meals. Check out the following snack dishes which will make your stomach full.


Chole Bhatura


One of the most popular dishes from the North, Chole Bhatura is a tummy-filling combination of chole and bhatura. A bit on the spicier side, chole is a curry-like preparation made from chickpeas. The bhatura is a type of Indian bread that is deep-fried and eaten with chole! Lip-smacking to the core, Chole Bhatura as a dish is perfect for both lunch and dinner!


Dahi Vada


Dahi Vada is a chaat preparation wherein the vadas are first deep-fried and then soaked in water. Whipped yoghurt is then spread on the vadas along with chutneys. The preparation is mild but is full of flavours. Tamarind chutney is majorly used in this recipe. If you are not a fan of spicy Indian foods, then this preparation is worth a try.


Samosa Chaat


Deep-fried triangular-shaped cones stuffed with mashed boiled potatoes and spices are samosas. The samosas are served with a generous serving of whipped yoghurt and chutneys which enhances its taste. Try these interesting chaat preparations at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.