Chinese food lovers are present all over the globe. Though authentic Chinese food has a dedicated fan following of its own, Indo-Chinese has now gained unbeatable popularity. Indo-Chinese cuisine is a brilliant concoction of Indian and Chinese flavours. Several Chinese dishes are transformed with the help of Indian ingredients and spices. This mixture of different ingredients and spices gives the dish a new identity altogether. Additionally, several Indo-Chinese dishes also use uncommon cooking techniques which further enhance the overall taste of the dish. Nowadays, a special section in the menu is dedicated to Indo-Chinese cuisine. Most Indo-Chinese dishes have a spicy taste and saucy texture. Some of the most popular dishes in this cuisine are Chilli Paneer, Chicken 65, fried rice, Gobi 65, etc. Not to forget, you can also enjoy the combination of South Indian cuisine and Chinese with Chilli Idli. More on the spicier side, several Indo-Chinese dishes make for perfect starters. Visit an Indian restaurant in Adelaide and taste delicious Indo-Chinese food. Take a look at some must-try Indo-Chinese starters.


Chilli Prawns


Embraced in the delicious Indian and Chinese flavours, Chilli Prawns are spicy and a bit crispy. Along with the prawns, several vegetables are also added to the dish which makes it quite tummy-filling. This dish is best eaten dry.


Gobi 65


This cauliflower starter is perfectly crisp on the outside and tender inside. In this dish, the cauliflower is tossed in Indian and Chinese sauces and spices which makes it spicy and delicious. Mouth-watering to the core, Gobi 65 is ideal for evening hunger pangs too. Eat this dish with a dip and you are in for a delicious treat.


Paneer Manchurian


Regarded as one of the best Indo-Chinese recipes, Paneer Manchurian is eaten in both dry and gravy variations. Dry Paneer Manchurian is usually pan-fried wherein cottage cheese chunks are laden with different Chinese sauces. In gravy Paneer Manchurian, along with the saucy chunks, you can also enjoy the Manchurian gravy.

Eat these yummy starters at an Indian restaurant in Adelaide.