When your intention is to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain healthy eating habits, you find that your dining options are actually quite limited. You tend to explore different kinds of cuisine in your quest for tasty yet wholesome food. That is primarily the reason why people in Docklands visit an Indian restaurant to enjoy some hot and spicy Indian fare and some incredibly tasty Indo-Chinese fusion food. Indian restaurants offer a delicious and healthy menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The farm fresh and healthy ingredients particularly, authentic Indian spices and herbs make the culinary experience stand out from the rest.

Why Indo-Chinese Fusion Cuisine Is Enjoyed So Much?

Most people worldwide are quite excited about Indo-Chinese cuisine. Innovative and highly-skilled chefs in the industry have come up with a magical blend of Indian classical food and Chinese traditional food. This has led to a number of yummy treats that would leave you asking for more. The fusion food is loved and enjoyed by one and all because there is something for everybody. There is a wide spectrum of novelty items to fulfil varied taste buds. Here are the top reasons why people enjoy Indo-Chinese fusion delicacies from Dockland’s favourite Indian restaurant.

Fresh Ingredients: Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, health-boosting spices and herbs etc. contribute to the exotic taste of Indo-Chinese fusion treats. Now you could go on indulging in Indo-Chinese delicacies without any pangs of guilt as they are healthy. Indo-Chinese fusion delights such as Veg Manchurian, Crispy Baby Corn, Chilli Mushroom, Schezwan Chicken etc. are not only super tasty, they are made from fresh and health-promoting ingredients. These delicacies are very much in line with the wholesome diet.

Health-Promoting Spices & Herbs

Indo-Chinese food is loaded with flavoursome spices and herbs which provide outstanding health-promoting benefits. Garlic is used to enhance the flavours. Garlic boosts of antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is effective in preventing some kinds of cancer. Ginger is great for boosting your immune system. Some other spices used in this style of cooking are lime leaves, mint, chilli, tamarind, parsley, coriander, etc. which are all loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients such as iron, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C.

Gluten-Free Food: We know that a very small percentage of people actually suffer from gluten-intolerance. However, you all must be aware that a gluten-free diet could be effective in boosting your immune system and helping you in losing and stabilizing your weight. Indo-Chinese cuisine is known to feature loads of rice-based and vegetarian dishes which do not contain soy or gluten. Indo-Chinese cuisine would be striking the right balance between tangy and sweet Chinese delicacies and the spicy and smooth taste of Indian treats.

There is a variety of dishes starting from staples like fried rice and chilli chicken and moving on to Manchurians and Schezwan chicken which fall into this grey area between Chinese and Indian cuisine. This “Indo-Chinese” cuisine is simply an Indian rendition of classic Chinese dishes with a twist that makes it much more suitable for the Indian palate, and also with a wider scope for vegetarian dishes. Chinese food is by far the most popular foreign cuisine in the country as well. No wonder people living in Docklands love to visit their favourite Indian restaurant and enjoy a wide variety of Indian and Indo-Chinese delights.