Indo-Chinese is more like a go-to cuisine for masses. The perfect amalgamation of Indian and Chinese flavours makes Indo-Chinese cuisine interesting and unique. This cuisine has the best of both Indian and Chinese flavours. Extremely different from the regular Chinese food, Indo-Chinese has now carved a special identity of its own. This cuisine is known for being tangy and spicy. The addition of Chinese sauces to Indian flavours makes every Indo-Chinese dish different and lip-smacking. With all the winning combinations in place, Indo-Chinese has several rice preparations too. Some popular rice dishes in this cuisine are Chicken Fried Rice, Schezwan Mixed Fried Rice and Gobi 65 Fried Rice. Indo-Chinese dry dishes like Chilli Paneer, Chicken Manchurian, Crispy Babycorn, Chicken 65 and Chilli Idly have gained a worldwide following. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and try Indo-Chinese gravies with rice preparations. Take a look at the following Indo-Chinese gravies that deserve a place in your must-have list!


Paneer 65 Gravy


Crispy paneer tossed in the spicy curry sauce is Paneer 65 gravy. This Indo-Chinese gravy is a mix of several Chinese sauces and vegetables. Extremely flavorful and unique, Paneer 65 gravy is best eaten with fried rice and Chicken 65 fried rice. The lightly crisp paneer chunks balance out the spiciness in the curry effortlessly!


Chicken Manchurian Gravy


The combination of chicken and Chinese flavours is unbeatable. Best served with noodles, Chicken Manchurian gravy is thick in consistency and loaded with sauces and spices. The gravy has a good quantity of soy sauce and chilli sauce. The addition of chicken in the gravy enhances the dish to another level!


Chilli Babycorn Gravy


The name readily suggests that this gravy is high on spice. The Chilli Babycorn gravy contains crispy baby-corn and spring onion too. The slight crispiness of baby-corn gives the gravy a unique texture. Eat this gravy with Schezwan rice or noodles.

Try these yummy Indo-Chinese gravies at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.