Indo-Chinese cuisine has carved a special identity for itself. The combination of Indian and Chinese flavours is delicious. The two different food families are known for their uniqueness. Some of the most popular Indo-Chinese dishes are Schezwan fried rice, Chilli Paneer, Prawn fried rice and Chicken Manchurian. Apart from the stated, noodles are also highly preferred by most food lovers. Indo-Chinese noodles come in several variations. The inclusion of different sauces and vegetables, make Indo-Chinese noodles irresistible. More of a comfort food, these noodle variations can also be eaten with different gravies. Head to an Indian restaurant in Geelong and try Indo-Chinese noodles. The essence of Indo-Chinese dishes lies in its preparation technique and sauces. Indo-Chinese noodles can also be eaten for meals as they are tummy-filling. Check out the must-have Indo-Chinese noodles that deserve a mention in your food list!


Egg Noodles


The combination of egg and noodles is unbeatable and extremely mouth-watering. Egg Noodles are popular for their perfect balance of spices. This dish is not very spicy thanks to the presence of eggs. The subtle flavour of the eggs blends extremely well with the sauces. Ideal for meals, Egg Noodles are also high on the nutrition level. Combine Egg Noodles with Chicken 65 gravy for an enhanced taste!


Schezwan Veg Noodles


Indo-Chinese cuisine is incomplete without the mention of Schezwan. Schezwan Veg Noodles are extremely popular among vegetarians. This dish is slightly high on spice. The dominant Schezwan flavour makes it appetizing. People who love Schezwan and eggs both can also try Schezwan Egg noodles.


Prawn Noodles


Prawn noodles are a must-have Indo-Chinese dish. The stir-fried prawns add a unique texture to the noodles. Additionally, this dish also contains a combination of different sauces. Prawn Noodles is best eaten with Chicken Manchurian gravy.

You can get the best Indo-Chinese noodles at an Indian restaurant in Geelong.