Foodies these days want to experiment with new flavours and ingredients. Indian cuisine makes use of several ingredients and spices. Right from the savoury curries to the delicious Indian breads, this cuisine is full of variety. Usually, when one talks of Indian cuisine the use of condiments and spices are highlighted. Likewise, this food family also has some really interesting dishes which are crispy and unique. For people, who want to try something new and uncommon, crispy food dishes should be on your list. A very few items qualify under that perfect crisp texture and Indian cuisine has many such delicacies.  Not many people are fans of crisp foods but they surely have a different vibe! Food lovers wanting to give something new to their taste buds should definitely try this. Visit an Indian restaurant in Harris Park and try some mind-blowing crispy preparations. Take a look at some unique crispy foods which are a must-try.


Mirchi Bhaji


Just like fritters, Mirchi bhaji is nothing but green chillies coated with chickpea batter. The coated chillies are then deep-fried giving it a crispy texture. The chillies are also stuffed with some mixture. Best eaten as snacks, these are a true treat for your cheat day! Mirchi bhajis can be a bit spicy because even the batter is mixed with a few spices to give it a flavour.


Papdi Chaat


Papdi chaat is deep-fried wafers topped with a variety of chutneys and chickpea mixture. This particular dish is a perfect blend of flavours thanks to the addition of mint and tamarind chutney. The dish is then sprinkled with sev to enhance its overall taste and texture.


Crispy Goat


For non-vegetarian lovers, crispy goat is a must-try. Boneless goat strips are marinated in a mixture of spices and then deep-fried. The strips are further tossed along with other ingredients like bell peppers and spices.

Head to an Indian restaurant in Harris Park and have these crispy dishes.