Nothing could be a happier experience than enjoying a leisurely breakfast on a Sunday morning. Your Sunday becomes absolutely a fun day if you plan to relish some authentic South Indian delicacies. A typical South Indian breakfast in a reputed Indian restaurant based in Parramatta is popular among both the young and the old alike. One simply cannot resist the idea of enjoying a South Indian breakfast when he hears the spluttering of mustard seeds and curry leaves. Everyone relishes the divine taste of sambar served piping hot with soft fluffy idlis or crispy masala dosa. Enjoy yummy South Indian delicacies such as dosa, idlis, upma etc. at the best restaurant in Parramatta.

What is a Masala Dosa?

A masala dosa is actually a breakfast staple in any south Indian household. It is a South Indian version of the crepe of international fame. It is made with a fermented batter of lentils and rice in fixed proportions. A masala dosa tastes yummy and is quite crispy on the exterior. The crepe-like crispy dosa is stuffed with a spicy mashed potato mix including aromatic spices and fried onions to enhance the taste and flavours. A masala dosa would be served with delicious chutneys and piping hot sambhar. Masala Dosa has been ranked 39th among the hot favourite foods around the world. It is also regarded as a romantic dish that is usually shared by lovers or a couple.

What is an Onion Rava Dosa?

This is a crispy dosa made from semolina batter and stuffed with finely sliced onions, grated cheese, and green chillies for that added zing. Rave dosa is a slight deviation from the usual traditional lentil and rice batter. So it can be prepared whenever you fancy from a freshly prepared batter.

What is the healthiest South Indian dish to serve at breakfast?

Idlis are the healthiest option among all South Indian delicacies that are usually served at breakfast. They are prepared from an overnight fermented rice and lentil batter. Idlis are steamed and healthy savoury cakes that have absolutely no oil. Idlis are served with piping hot sambhar and coconut or tomato chutneys that take the dish to a whole new level. This certainly is one of the most favourite and popular breakfast item. This is truly a nutritious item and should be enjoyed at breakfast time. However, South Indian delicacies such as dosa, idli, upma are all enjoyed anytime during the day and the people are too happy to consume them both in the morning as breakfast, or for lunch, or evening snacks or even dinner. You would find top quality idlis in the best Indian restaurant in Parramatta.

Medu Vada

Medu vadas are vadas with a small hole at the centre.  Medu vadas are extremely popular everywhere across the globe including Australia, USA, or even the UK. The vadas are known for the crisp crust and soft inside, a design which was to be seen hundreds of years later in the first doughnuts. Vadas are a staple in South-Indian homes but are also tremendously popular as affordable, tasty street-food, available almost everywhere. Head over to your favourite Indian restaurant in Parramatta to try out an exotic vada today.