Is there anything in South Indian cuisine that you would not love? The answer is a vehement no. South Indian food is absolutely delectable and boasts of varied flavours, diversity of textures, and an incredible harmony of a variety of authentic ingredients that go into the making of a mind-blowing South Indian meal. You could enjoy an authentic South Indian meal if you visit an Indian restaurant in Parramatta.

What are the chief reasons for worldwide popularity of South Indian Food?

South Indian delicacies are known for their amazing versatility. South Indian snacks could be enjoyed in the morning as breakfast. You could have them for lunch or enjoy them at dinner. South Indian dishes are not only super tasty, they are very filling too. The best thing about them is that they are extremely affordable and suit every pocket. There is something truly unique about each and every South Indian dish.

What are the basic ingredients of most South Indian dishes?

Most South Indian dishes such as idlis, dosa, uttapam, etc. are made from fermented rice and urad dal batter. However, rava or semolina is also used for dishes such as rava dosa, upma, etc. South Indian sambar vadas are made from soaked lentil paste.

What are some of the most popular South Indian dishes?

Idli, dosa, vada, uttapam, etc. are some of the most popular South Indian delights that are available at any reputed Indian restaurant abroad including the one in Parramatta, Australia.

Dosa: It is the most popular South Indian dish that looks like a super thin and semi-transparent pancake. Sometimes these are filled with a spicy potato stuffing. The dosa batter is made from fermented rice and lentil batter.

Idlis: These are delightfully soft and fluffy snow balls that are made from fermented rice and lentil paste. These are steamed just like momos. These are enjoyed piping hot with sambar and chutney.  They are really healthy and are oil-free. Idlis are a hot favourite with all fitness freaks in India and abroad.

Sambar Vada: Sambar is a hot and spicy lentil soup made from authentic South Indian spices and tamarind pulp. The vadas are made from soaked lentil paste. They are deep fried and taste just out of the world. However, they are slightly sinful if you are on a strict diet. The vadas are often enjoyed dry without any accompaniment. But mostly they are soaked in the sambar for added taste and flavours.

Uttapam: These are like thick and fluffy rotis made from the same dosa batter. Sometimes finely chopped onions or tomatoes, grated cheese, etc. are added to enhance the taste and flavours.

How many types of dosas are available in a restaurant?

Today any good Indian restaurant in Parramatta would be offering a broad choice of dosas including the conventional sada dosa, masala dosa, butter masala dosa, cheese chilli dosa, onion rava dosa, paper dosa, etc. Some innovative chefs have come up with some innovative variations from the traditional dosa. Now you could enjoy paneer masala dosa, chicken dosa, upma dosa, lamb dosa, chicken 65 dosa, butter chicken dosa, and lots more. In a good Indian restaurant based in Parramatta, there is something for everybody.