India is supposed to have the second highest population as compared to other nations of the world. India is unmatched, as far as, cultural diversity is concerned. The people, their festivals, cuisine, and even their lifestyle seem to vary from one state to another. Every state or region boasts of its own distinctive cuisine and characteristic culinary style. You have so much to explore and understand about the world of Indian cuisine.  You may enjoy delicious Indian treats at the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

Some Indian Food Concepts

Masala: Masala is actually a mixture of authentic Indian spices and herbs that are used widely in Indian cuisine. Masalas are supposed to be quite complex at times and really simple at some other occasions. These authentic spice mixes make Indian cuisine so distinguished, distinctive, and popular. Some masalas are really complicated and may consist of over 20 ingredients or more. Some of these masalas are really good from the health perspective as well. They would be boosting water retention and immunity.

Curry: In reality, an Indian curry is referred to any tasty dish that consists of a thick and rich gravy or sauce. Generally, curries are flavoursome, exotic, and rich but you would come across light and subtle curries as well that could act as great comfort food for many with a fascination for light food. Indian curry does not always refer to something hot and spicy as believed by many. Most of these delicious curries could be found in the best Indian restaurant based in Melbourne.  These curries could be relished with either rice or any of the delicious Indian flatbread such as naan, roti, tandoori roti, paratha, kulcha, etc. These delicious curries could be enjoyed with piping hot steamed rice as well. East India and South Indian states prefer rice while North Indian states opt for rotis and other kinds of flatbread.

Chutney: Chutneys are very popular and are used as great complements for many Indian dishes. They are mostly made from overcooked or grated vegetables and fresh fruits. Chutneys could be really juicy, tangy, sweet, and spicy too. These are best used as dips for various Indian snacks such as samosas, idlis, vadas, pakoras etc. Even kebabs are accompanied with fresh salads and green chutney. Pakoras and samosas are commonly relished with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney and green chutneys made from coriander or mint. The literal meaning of the Indian word chutney is ‘finger licking’.

Aachar: Indian pickles are referred to as aachars. Various vegetables are used for making aachars. You could enjoy pickled green mangoes, chillies, mixed vegetables including carrots, jackfruits, and cauliflowers. These Indian pickles are extremely popular and are relished with standard Indian meals or thalis mostly. However, aachars could be enjoyed as a standalone treat anytime. Many pregnant women love to eat these pickles. Aachars add a new dimension to ordinary foods and give a boost to simple meals. Aachars are traditionally made in most Indian households. You could even buy these pickles available in jars from various superstores and malls. Pickles are usually served as condiments in most restaurants including the best Indian restaurant based in Melbourne.