Paneer dishes have become very popular in Indian restaurants. Most people prefer paneer delicacies because paneer is healthy too. Rich in protein and good for heart health, paneer-based dishes are equally tasty. The best thing about this particular ingredient is its adaptability. Paneer can be combined with any vegetable and be teamed up with any sauce. Moreover, paneer dishes are present in all cuisines. Try paneer dishes at an Indian restaurant in Mount Gravatt and treat your taste buds with some unique flavours. Check out some of the must-have paneer dishes.


Chilli Paneer

Tossed in Indo-Chinese sauces, chilli paneer is the most loved paneer dish. Chilli Paneer consists of deep-fried paneer cubes which are combined with a variety of sauces along with chillies and pepper. This particular dish is slightly on the spicier side but is extremely delicious. Perfect for vegetarians, chilli paneer sometimes also has diced onions and capsicums. This delicacy is light on tummy and can be eaten as a starter or a snack. Chilli paneer is an all-time favourite, especially for vegetarians.


Paneer Masala Dosa

Dosas have innumerable varieties these days. Just like other dishes, paneer has taken over dosas as well. Filled with a savoury paneer gravy, paneer masala dosa is a must-try. This particular dosa is filled with a paneer gravy which is a combination of various spices and vegetables. Though most dosas are best eaten with chutney and sambhar, this paneer masala dosa can be eaten as it is. Make sure your tummy is not very full because this dosa is heavy-laden with loads of gravy and vegetables. Paneer masala dosa has another variant too which is called special paneer masala dosa.


Kara Paneer Dosa

Kara dosa is a different kind of dosa in which red chillies are added to the batter giving it a different hue. In the kara paneer dosa, the dosa is first covered with a spicy paste and is then filled with the paneer gravy. Slightly different from the regular dosa, this dosa is good for people who love spicy food.

Make sure you visit an Indian restaurant in Mount Gravatt and binge on these stated dishes.