The use of chilli is inevitable in Indian cuisine. Indian food is known for its use of spices. This cuisine is also popular for its unique cooking techniques. Lately, cheese is widely used in Indian dishes. To give the typical Indian preparations a twist, cheese has now become one of the most used ingredients. From curries to breads, most dishes now have a cheesy variant. The inclusion of cheese in Indian food is not new but has gained popularity now. Several South Indian dishes are now made with a generous amount of cheese. The contrast flavours blend amazingly well and give most dishes an enhanced taste. Indian food in Melbourne is best for the stated combination. While some dishes focus on cheese, some are still best enjoyed with a dash of spice. Check out the following Indian dishes that are high on either cheese, chilli or both!


Cheese and Chilli dosa


Dosa blends with every flavour and this also goes for cheese and chilli. The cheese and chilli dosa have a fan following of its own. The crispy texture of dosa clubbed with cheese and chilli is bound to give your taste buds a happy ride. Even people who are not fans of spicy dishes can go for this preparation.


Schezwan Cheese dosa


Schezwan Cheese dosa is an Indo-Chinese dish that majorly consists of Schezwan and cheese. The spiciness of the Schezwan is balanced well with the inclusion of cheese. Quite tummy filling, the Schezwan cheese dosa also includes a few vegetables!


Onion and chilli omelette


The onion and chilli omelette is unique and healthy. This dish makes for a perfect breakfast treat. The combination of onion, chilli and other spices makes this dish super tempting. You can also add cheese to the same to balance the level of spice!


Binge on Indian food in Melbourne and don’t forget to try these interesting preparations.