Most Indian dishes are known for their amazing combination of spices and vegetables. With more and more people becoming health conscious, there are many new ingredients which have now become a part of the cuisine. Baby corn is one cereal grain which was not widely used in Indian cooking. However, these days every single preparation has its own healthier version and with that the use of baby corn has increased to a large extent. Baby corn is an apt ingredient not only for its health benefits but also for its taste. Here are some wonderful baby corn dishes you must try-


Baby Corn 65

One of the most popular baby corn dish is Baby Corn 65. This particular preparation is mostly eaten as a starter. Baby Corn 65 is a must-have for people who love the Indo-Chinese taste. This particular dish primarily has only baby corn as its main ingredient apart from the spices and the coating mixture. Baby corns are coated with a batter filled with spices and deep fried. Baby Corn 65 can be eaten with a dip or ketchup!


Baby Corn Manchurian

As we all know, Manchurian has several variations. In Indo-Chinese preparations, Baby Corn Manchurian has now made a successful entry. Baby Corn Manchurian is a perfect combination of Indian and Chinese flavours. Eaten mostly as a starter, this particular dish can also be eaten as a side dish along with noodles or rice.


Crispy Baby Corn

Filled with a variety of sauces, Crispy Baby Corn is a perfect concoction of sweet and spicy. This particular dish is crispy in texture and is a perfect starter to binge on. Crispy Baby Corn is not just filled with baby corns, it also consists of bell peppers, onions and spring onions in small quantities.


Chilli Baby Corn

Just like Chilli Paneer, Chilli Baby Corn is perfect for parties. Semi-dry in texture, this particular dish is more on the spicier side. This delicious preparation is soft from the inside and is crunchy on the outside. Moreover, this dish can be eaten as it is without the need of any more sauces or dips!

Baby corn is not just yummy to the core but it also has several health benefits. Baby corn is rich in fibre and has innumerable antioxidants. Try out amazing baby corn dishes at an Indian restaurant in South Melbourne.