Dosas are a perfect treat for crunch lovers. This amazing preparation has transformed drastically with innumerable variations. These days there are a number of innovative dosas which are strikingly different from its original kind. Dosas are usually filled with the stuffing of vegetables and cheese but with the changing trends and numerous customizations, dosas now also come with the stuffing of eggs. Egg dosas have become popular thanks to its simple yet interesting taste. Egg dosas also have a number of varieties. These dosas are unmissable by all means for they are unique in taste and are also healthy to an extent! Take a look at these much-loved egg dosas.


Egg masala dosa

Egg masala dosa is a classic combination of dosa and eggs. This particular dosa is filled with a variety of spices and ingredients. Egg masala dosa consists of an egg mixture and a potato mixture filled with spices. The dosa is a bit spicy in taste but is mouth-watering by all means. First, the dosa is prepared on a non-stick pan with butter and is then covered with the egg and potato mixture. If you are looking out for something spicy and crunchy then this is the best option.


Egg Paneer Dosa

If you are a fan of both paneer and egg, then you should try out the delicious egg paneer dosa. This dosa is the most recent creation. Egg paneer dosa is not just extremely tasty but is also filled with nutrients especially protein. This preparation is light on spices because of the paneer and egg composition. Egg paneer dosa might also include a few vegetables like capsicum, cabbage and tomatoes. This dosa is quite heavy and can be eaten for a meal too.


Egg chicken dosa

Egg chicken dosa is an interesting concoction of eggs, chicken and dosa. The dosa is filled with spicy chicken and egg mixture and is then cooked until crispy. Egg chicken dosa is made with a variety of sauces which makes it an irresistible treat. This dosa will surely impress your taste-buds with its brilliant mix of flavours.

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