Indo-Chinese dishes are an Indian adaptation of the seasonings and cooking techniques of Chinese cuisine with a unique Indian twist. Indo-Chinese cuisine is culinary innovation at its best and this fusion food is certainly here to stay. A majority of Indian restaurants worldwide dedicate a part of their menu, especially to Indo-Chinese fusion food. Here are some hot favourite Indo-Chinese delicacies that could be found even in the most reputed Indian restaurant in Point Cook.

Vegetable Manchurian

This is surely the most popular vegetarian Indo-Chinese dish that is frequently ordered in the restaurants today. Vegetable Manchurian is a popular dish comprising balls made from cabbage and cauliflower mix coated in cornflour and deep fried and then dunked in delicious, smooth and thickened gravy of soy sauce and corn starch. This is quite similar to the Indian kofta. The gravy is pretty spicy and delicious and the dish could be enjoyed with yet another Chinese delicacy the Schezwan fried rice. There are various versions to the vegetable Manchurian, for instance, the gobhi Manchurian or the baby corn Manchurian that are equally mouth-watering and are sure to leave your taste buds truly tantalized. You could now enjoy delicious Indo-Chinese delicacies in the best Indian restaurant based in Point Cook.

Crispy Baby Corn

Crispy Baby Corn is another bright example of fusion food. This is usually, a starter dish that is loved by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Baby corn is parboiled, marinated with garlic and ginger paste, pepper, soy sauce, and salt. Then it is coated with cornflour and deep fried at high heat to retain the crunchiness.

Chilli Chicken

This is the most frequently ordered fusion delicacy. It is not only spicy but immensely tasty too. This is a hot favourite with all non-vegetarians. This delectable dish comprises deep fried crispy chicken nuggets that are tossed in a tasty and spicy soy sauce based thick and smooth gravy. This dish is enjoyed as a main course dish which is mostly enjoyed with Mixed Fried Rice or Mixed Hakka Noodles. Cubes of onion and capsicum are tossed in high heat and added to the dish that takes it a notch higher. The dry chilli chicken is also equally yummy and enjoyed as a starter mostly. This is simply irresistible.

Chicken Manchurian

Just like Veg Manchurian, Chicken Manchurian is a hot favourite fusion food item that is popular in India and even abroad. You could enjoy having this dish even if you are based in Point Cook in Australia because you just need to visit an Indian restaurant there that has this mind-blowing dish in its menu. This dish comprises batter-fried chicken chunks in a thick, spicy, and smooth saucy gravy that seems to be infused with elements of spices, flavours, and of course, drama. Most people enjoy Chinese Fried Rice with Chicken Manchurian.

Chicken Schezwan

Boneless chunks of chicken are coated well with five spice mix and stir-fried with ginger, garlic, onion and green chillies. Then the chunks are deep fried and then nicely tossed in the spicy Schezwan sauce. This dish is usually, enjoyed with piping hot steamed rice, fried rice or Hakka noodles.