Ginger is one of the many underrated superfoods you will come across at the super markets. The unbelievable health benefits of using ginger in food have been documented in ancient medical histories through centuries.


Helps with digestion


One of the best things about ginger is that it helps in aiding digestion naturally. Its enzymes help in accelerating the emptying of your stomach which is the bane of indigestion. The natural enzymes work to make the process of digestion and assimilation of food better.


Helps subside nausea


The chemical properties of ginger help in reducing nausea in many medical conditions. While it has been a proven remedy for sea-sickness, newer studies recommended it for drug induced nausea especially after radiation and chemotherapy. While it may help with morning sickness, it would be wise to ask your doctor how much quantity would be considered as beneficial.


Controls hypertension and diabetes


Regular intake of ginger helps in regulating lipoproteins responsible for cardiac diseases. This helps in reducing risk of cardiac diseases. It is also known to improve blood sugar levels and helps in controlling diabetes.


Offers relief from cold and flu


Ginger added to hot brews can help you chase the dullness and clogged sinuses when you suffer from cold and flu. Taking ginger regularly in your meals also boosts your immunity due to its medical effects. It is also known to have antioxidant properties.


Helps with bodyache and arthritis


Regular intake of ginger has proven to be beneficial in reducing soreness in muscles in chronic musculoskeletal pain. Some research also states that it helps with symptoms of few arthritic conditions. Its effectiveness in reducing inflammation goes a long way in helping with pain.


Dishes you can enjoy at Dosa Hut with a dash of ginger


Understanding all of the health benefits of ginger is enough reason to gorge on the yummy ginger gobi you can find at Dosa Hut. What’s more? Meat lovers can have a great time chomping on the ginger chicken we serve to keep your health in order.


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