Indian food is incomplete without curries. Indian curries are known for their rich ingredients and spices. Every Indian curry has a different taste and texture. Apart from the different ingredients, Indian curries also follow several unique cooking techniques. Every region in India has a salient cooking style and that influences the flavour of the dish too. Depending on the availability of the ingredients, each region in India is famous for one or the other curry. Indian cuisine has innumerable options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Indian curries are best eaten with Indian bread. Additionally, you can end your meal with dal and rice! Just like curries, there are many varieties for Indian bread too like Naan, Kulcha, Paratha, Roti, etc. Widely used ingredients in Indian curries are Paneer and Chicken. Not all curries are spicy, some preparations are also mild in flavour. Visit an Indian restaurant in Sunnybank and try the following succulent curries.


Barwah Simla


A unique Indian curry made of paneer stuffed capsicum, Barwah Simla is a must-try. The curry also contains a generous amount of cashew gravy which makes it less spicy. Nevertheless, this curry is high on flavour all thanks to the inclusion of different spices and condiments. The cashew gravy adds a unique texture to the overall preparation.


Butter Chicken


One of the most famous Indian dishes, Butter Chicken is unmissable. A simple curry with a lasting flavour, Butter Chicken is a mixture of Chicken Tikka, cashew, and Makhani gravy. Slightly heavy on the stomach, Butter Chicken should be on every food lovers list. This curry is best eaten with Indian bread.


Malai Kofta


If you like your curries mild and creamy then Malai Kofta should be on your plate. Malai Kofta is primarily made up of Paneer dumplings. The curry is cooked in cashew gravy and cream which makes it super delicious. The mild curry tastes amazing when eaten with Indian bread.


Visit an Indian restaurant in Sunnybank and fill your tummy with the stated curries.