Saffron is an invaluable and exotic spice loved by gourmets all over the world. This is an exquisite golden spice that is primarily used for adding flavour and colour to the dishes. Saffron is known to offer several health benefits. Saffron contains certain bioactive compounds like crocetin, crocin, picrocrocin, and even safranal that are regarded as beneficial in boosting overall health and well-being. Right from solving depression issues to lowering insulin resistance, these bioactive compounds are responsible for offering a host of amazing benefits. Saffron could really help not only in spicing up your lives but also in promoting good health. Enjoy mouth-watering Biryani at the best Indian restaurant based in Footscray.

What Is Saffron?

Saffron is regarded as royalty in the culinary world. It is the king of all spices. It is surely an exorbitantly priced spice. It is characterised by distinctive colour, aroma, and flavour that could infuse a rich and exotic element to your hot favourite Biryani or Kesar Pista Kulfi. Saffron is surely a precious spice that is derived from Crocus Sativus, a flower which is often commonly referred as the “saffron crocus”.

Which Countries Produce Saffron?

At present saffron is produced commercially in Greece, Iran, Spain, Morocco, and Kashmir in India. Iran is a leading producer of saffron in terms of both the quality and also the volume. Spain is supposed to be the leading importer of saffron.

Why Is Saffron So Costly?

Saffron is one of the most invaluable spices in the culinary world. It is extremely expensive and retails at around $500 per ounce. It is so costly because it involves a highly labour-intensive production process.

What Are the Health Benefits of Saffron?

Saffron Is a Natural Food Additive

Saffron is a great substitute for some of the synthetic food additives like FD & C Yellow No. 5 that is a synthetic colouring agent for food. Sometimes these synthetic food additives could trigger reactions and allergies. Saffron adds a beautiful yellow tint to the dishes. Moreover, it is a proven hypoallergenic. Enjoy delicious Biryanis infused with saffron at the most reputed Indian restaurant situated in Footscray.

Protects You against Cancer

Saffron is known to contain a water-soluble carotene that is dark orange in colour and is called crocin. Saffron gets its distinctive golden hue from its constituent called crocin. It has been proved that crocin is responsible for triggering apoptosis or programmed cell deaths in various kinds of cancer cells affecting humans such as ovarian carcinoma, leukaemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and colon adenocarcinoma. Research has revealed that saffron along with its active constituents is able to effectively inhibit malignant cells in humans.

Delays Age-Associated Issues

Saffron is great for promoting memory retention and learning. Crocin is particularly effective in the treatment and cure of age-associated mental impairment. Saffron is often used for an effective treatment of memory loss issues, inflammation, and even Parkinson’s disease.

Speeds up Puberty

In case of undeveloped girls or delayed puberty, experts often recommend saffron, as it is known to have a generally stimulating effect on your hormones. Just a pinch of golden saffron, that is crushed and added to a tablespoonful of milk, could be stimulating hormones to get the desired effect. If you are in Footscray, you must not miss the opportunity of relishing some authentic Indian delicacies at the most trusted Indian restaurant there.