The crisp sound of biting on a dosa and the tangy taste of the chutney that accompanies it are just the beginning of a colourful range of dishes called South Indian cuisine. If you are staying at Werribee and missing the native taste of these mouth-watering dishes, it is time you start frequenting an Indian restaurant to explore the various preparations it can offer you. Let us check out the offerings of these South Indian states to get an insight into a gamut of dishes.


Whether you are gorging down spicy pork curry made in Coorg or indulging in crisp masala dosai made in Udupi, Karnataka is the ideal place for a foodie like you. If you visit Mangalore, you can realize how generously they use chillies and spices in their cooking. Are your taste buds yearning to taste completely vegetarian dishes? In that case, you can opt for Halu payasa, Bisi bele bhath, patrode, dosai, uppittu or halbai.


If you are into spicy food, go do some research on Keralian cuisine. Fraught with the right combination of spices, the dishes are simple, yet expressing a tinge of flavourful zest. One of the most popular spice growers in India, Kerala is undoubtedly a haven for those who love to eat spicy food. A great thing about this state and its cuisine is that it presents a whole range of non-vegan food, unlike the rest of the South Indian states. Whether you want pork, mutton, chicken or beef, this tail-ending state of India has it all. You will also get to savour the tasteful assault of tiger prawns, mussels, sardines, lobsters, tuna and more. To be able to indulge in South Indian delicacies while in Werribee, you can visit an Indian restaurant offering the age-old recipes right on your table.

Coming to the spices, we can always say that cumin; pepper; cardamom; chillies; cloves; cinnamon; coconut and tamarind do not get a better place to flourish. Unripe mango, tamarind, curd and vinegar are common additions to the dishes prepared in Kerala.

If you are a fish curry fan, you can savour the soft and fluffy appams with stew or the chemmeen theeyal, which is actually prawn.


If you are under the impression that Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have the same cooking styles, correct it. This is a myth watered by our lack of knowledge. The people living in Telangana live mostly on seasonal greens, millets, ginger, lentils and other vegetarian items. Their most famous preparations include tamarind rice commonly called Pulihora.

Andhra Pradesh

Coming to Andhra Pradesh cuisine, we can say that it is the spiciest of the entire South Indian food repertoire. Biriyani, kebabs, keema and haleem are some common dishes prepared in Hyderabad.

To scintillate your taste buds while staying in Werribee, you can take your friends to an Indian restaurant and show them how intoxicating Indian food can be. But, make sure that you order for specially customized food for your Australian friends who are not really into spicy food.