Noodles have been a must-have dish for Chinese cuisine lovers. However, noodles are no longer prepared in its authentic style. Ditching the mundane traditional style noodles, people are now opting for Indo-Chinese style noodles. Indo-Chinese noodles are far from being bland and are filled with several sauces and vegetables. Even in Indo-Chinese noodles, there are many variations. These noodles are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions.  Filled with loads of exciting flavours, these noodles are a must-try by all means. Try out various noodle varieties in any Indian restaurant in Brisbane. Check out these innovative noodle dishes!


Schezwan Veg Noodles

One of the most simple and scrumptious dishes in the Indo-Chinese cuisine is schezwan veg noodles. This dish is a must-try for vegetarians. Schezwan veg noodles are boiled noodles tossed in finger-licking schezwan sauce. These noodles are then paired with a variety of vegetables tossed in the same sauce. This particular preparation is medium in spice and is tummy-filling too! These noodles are best eaten with Indo-Chinese starters.


Egg noodles

The combination of noodles and eggs is extremely unique. Egg noodles are a perfect blend of boiled noodles and fried eggs. This combination also consists of several finely chopped vegetables. Perfect for a meal too, egg noodles are tossed in many sauces. Egg noodles are a quick dish and can be prepared readily without any fuss. If you are super hungry and want to order a quick meal then you must opt for egg noodles.


Schezwan Prawn Noodles

With the dominant use of schezwan sauce; schezwan prawn noodles is a concoction of prawns, boiled noodles, fried eggs and vegetables. With a subtle flavour, noodles complement the slight crunchiness of the prawns making it a perfect Indo-Chinese delicacy. Make sure you have an empty stomach before you binge on this impeccable dish.


Mixed Noodles

If you are someone who loves trying new noodle preparations then you must opt for Mixed Noodles. A mesmerizing blend of prawns, chicken, vegetables, noodles and eggs, this noodle dish is unbeatable by all means.

One can visit an Indian restaurant in Brisbane to try out these amazing noodle versions!