India is known for its diversity so Indian cuisine is marked by incredible variety. This is quite true in case of Indian desserts too. You would be amazed to see the plethora of Indian desserts that are prepared and served on special occasions and festivals. Indian desserts are simply mouth-watering and I bet nobody could ever resist the temptation of tasting the super-delicious desserts from India. Indian desserts are enjoyed all over the world and you can get them in any good Indian restaurant even in places like Point Cook in Australia.

Some of the most popular Indian desserts are Gulab Jamuns, Laddus, Rasamalai, Rabri etc. but there are some really exotic and authentic Indian desserts like Rava Kesari that are sure to pamper your taste buds like never before. Indian chefs are immensely innovative and they have come up with choco dosas and choco idlis too to win the hearts of children all over the world.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is supposed to be the most loved and popular Indian sweet. It is often described by food aficionados as the Indian version of the famous donut that is dipped in thick sweet syrup. Gulab jamuns are really spongy and soft balls that seem to melt deliciously in your mouth. They are usually soaked in flavoured sugar syrup. Gulab jamun is an authentic Indian dessert that is made from khoya or mawa for the authentic taste, texture and even the flavour. Gulab jamuns are mostly saffron or rose flavoured. Gulab jamuns happen to be the most popular Indian dessert abroad. You could order authentic super-delicious gulab jamuns even in Point Cook. Simply go to any good Indian restaurant and ask for gulab jamuns.

Laddu or Laddoo

Laddoos are actually, ball-shaped desserts that are extremely popular in India. Various kinds of laddus are available in India. Besan ke laddus, coconut laddus, motichur laddus, etc are some of the most popular laddus that are enjoyed by one and all. These laddus are super-delicious and they simply melt in your mouth. Coconut laddus are also very popular in India. They are made from grated coconut, mawa or condensed milk. Miniature boondis are prepared with besan or chickpea flour batter. Boondis are deep fried and then transferred to sugary syrup and then formed into small balls called laddus.

Choco Dosa

The South Indian delicacy dosa has been a hot favourite Indian savoury item among food enthusiasts in India and also all over the world. You could order really yummy dosas in any good Indian restaurant in Point Cook. Dosa is a quintessential Indian savoury item but today some brilliant chefs have given it a new twist and introduced the really yummy choco dosa that is loved by both children and adults alike. The humble South Indian dosa has now been transformed into an exotic Westernized treat.

Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari is actually a delicious and popular South Indian sweet usually, served on special occasions and festivals. There are several variations of this mouth-watering dessert including Pala Kesari, Pineapple Kesari, Banana Kesari, Mango Kesari, Fruit Kesari or Semiya Kesari etc. The term kesari refers to saffron. If you have a sweet tooth, Rava Kesari is the answer to your craving for sweets. It is made with semolina, a pinch of saffron and sugar. It is often served as a dessert after a simple meal. Sometimes, it is offered to the Lord Almighty as a prasadam, especially, during festivals or on usual Friday Puja. Try out this delicious dessert in an Indian restaurant in Point Cook.