Different regions in India are known for their own distinctive specialty dishes. South India is known for its mouth-watering breakfast items that could be relished even for lunch or dinner. South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada etc. are popular worldwide and are available in any reputed Indian restaurant in Werribee. Here are some of the hot favourite South Indian dishes.


This is the most popular South Indian breakfast item. It is delicious and is quite similar to crepes. However, dosas are crispier and thinner and are made with a fermented batter of soaked lentils and rice. The traditional dosa has a nice and spicy potato filling and is enjoyed with chutney and piping hot saambar. However, many people love to have plain or sada dosa that comes without any stuffing. In recent times a wide variety of dosas are available thanks to the creativity of innovative chefs. You could enjoy cheese & chilly dosa, Paneer masala dosa, lamb dosa, upma dosa, butter chicken dosa, chicken 65 dosa etc. as per your inclination. If you are in Werribee, you could order one of these finger-licking dosas at any well-known Indian restaurant.


This is a small, spongy and white steamed cake made from rice and lentil batter. It is served piping hot with chutney and sambar. Idlis are popular worldwide because they are not just a tasty dish but also a healthy dish. This is a breakfast item and is enjoyed in the mornings in most South Indian households. But today idlis are enjoyed as snacks everywhere and are enjoyed even in the evenings. Highly talented chefs have come up with several mouth-watering variations of idli such as ghee idlis, or the ghee podi idlis or kancheepuram ghee podi idlis, button idlis etc.

Sambar Vada

Vadas are made from lentils or specifically, the urad dal. Lentils are soaked in water and ground in the mixer to get a smooth consistency batter. These are deep fried almost like the donuts. Vadas are served with piping hot saambar and the coconut chutney or the red tomato chutney. Sambar is made from lentils, to be precise; the tur ki dal is cooked with tamarind pulp, assorted vegetables, and spices. Usually, vadas are allowed to get soaked in the hot saambar and then enjoyed. There are still some people who enjoy having hot crispy vadas with coconut chutney only. Vadas are available in most Indian restaurants and even people in Werribee can enjoy having them whenever they want.


Uttapam is a tasty and flattened pancake that is made with the same lentil and rice batter of dosa. But an uttapam is much thicker than a dosa. It is usually, served with chutney and piping hot sambar. You get many variations of uttapam such as onion uttapam, tomato uttapam, etc.


This is a quick-to-make South Indian snack that is mostly prepared at home for breakfast. It is made with semolina and is like a rice porridge that has onions, chilli, carrots, and green peas and garnished with curry leaves and fresh coriander leaves.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy having these delicious South Indian treats for a never before experience!