Indian streets are really famous for their tasty and cheap food items. Every city in India seems to have its own speciality. There is a wide variety of street foods in India and you would certainly love the distinctive flavours and super delicious taste. Some of the hot favourite Indian street foods have become quite famous and are available all over the world. These hot favourite snacks are enjoyed by people in the USA, Australia, UK and many other nations. You could get top quality and truly lip-smacking Indian street food Melbourne that would surely tantalise your taste buds. Here are some of the most popular Indian street foods loved by one and all. You could never say no to these delectable delicacies.

Bhel Puri

This is a very common Indian street food that originated in Mumbai and is now a huge hit not only across the nation but has also overshot the national boundaries in terms of popularity. This is a kind of a super delicious hot, tangy and sweet mix of puffed rice, small crispy papdis or flour puris, onions, boiled and cubed potatoes, freshly chopped onions, raw mango, tomatoes chillies and coriander leaves. The mix gets its amazing taste when delicious sweet and sour chutney is used as a topping and some roasted and powdered authentic Indian spices are sprinkled on top.

Pao Bhaji

This is another hot favourite street food that originated in Mumbai. This mouth-watering dish comprises of a bhaji or steamed and mashed mixed vegetables that are cooked with authentic desi masalas. This mashed vegetable is served with super soft bun or pao that has been pan fried with butter. The bhaji gets a whole new dimension when a blob of butter is added to it just before serving the dish. Sometimes paneer (cottage cheese) and cheese are added to enhance the taste. This dish is known for its absolutely finger-licking goodness.


Dosas are a hot favourite all over India and across the globe. However, it is a South Indian staple. Dosas are just like pancakes or crepes that are made from a fermented batter of soaked lentils and rice. Crisp dosa is usually accompanied with a tangy and tasty lentil soup called sambar, coconut chutney, and tomato chutney. Sometimes tamarind and even mint chutneys are served. Dosas come in a broad variety such as paper plain dosa, masala dosa, butter paper masala dosa, cheese chilli dosa and much more. You could get dosa even in a restaurant serving Indian street food Melbourne.

Idli Sambar

This is a hot favourite food that is not only frequently ordered in Chennai, it is enjoyed by one and all over India and across the world. This is mostly enjoyed as breakfast but you could relish it even for lunch. This is a steamed rice cake that is served with piping hot sambar and delicious coconut or tomato chutney. You could have vadas along with idlis. Vadas are deep fried rings made from soaked lentil paste and are served with spicy chutneys and sambar. Idly vadas are the best street food available in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Samosa is the most popular street food that is available all over India and in Indian restaurants worldwide. This is the most frequently ordered Indian snack. It is a really yummy Indian fast food and tastes great while sipping a cup of piping hot masala tea amidst Monsoon downpour. A samosa is a deep-fried triangular snack with a crisp crust made from refined flour and stuffed with mostly potato and authentic Indian spices. Samosas are given whole new twists to enhance the taste and they are available with a variety of innovative fillings. Meat samosas are quite a rage these days.

Chole Bhature

This is an immensely popular North Indian or Punjabi delicacy. It comprises of chole or boiled and cooked spicy chick peas with authentic desi masalas and bhatures or fried flat bread. It is usually served with typical Indian mango or mixed pickles and green salads or onion roundels.  This is a yummy treat that surely leaves you asking for me.