Spicy and delectable, schezwan sauce has added taste to generally bland food for ages. Not only that, it has also enhanced the taste of a few most gorged on food items. Apart from Chinese food items, the dosa is one of the many dishes that has found the innovation refreshing. Here are some of the delicious schezwan dosas that you can try at Dosa Hut:


Schezwan Paneer Dosa


Vegetarians are often hounded over their love for paneer. But as an establishment provided the most delicious food to ever grace the earth,


Schezwan Masala Dosa


The lovely masala dosa gets an even lovelier twist with schezwan in the mix. At Dosa Hut, you can find a mouth-watering combination of the masala for the dosa – that includes mashed potatoes fried in spices – and a generous dollop of schezwan sauce. The perfect combination of the masala and the spiciness of the schezwan sauce makes it a must-have for those who love spicy food!


Schezwan Cheese Dosa


What delicacy has ever been complete without cheese? If you have have ever madly gorged on a cheese schezwanfrankie, we bet you’ll love the schezwan cheese dosa even more!


Schezwan Chicken Dosa


Ever heard of a meat lover settling for vegetarian food? At Dosa Hut, it won’t be a surprise owing to the lip-smacking delicacies we offer. However, you needn’t really make such a huge sacrifice. We have the perfect dish for you if you love schezwan and meat. The schezwan chicken dosa out here is surely worth a taste. And we bet you won’t stick to just one visit!


The best part about indulging in all of these delicious schezwan treats is that you can not only gorge on them while you visit the establishment but also when you are hosting a party, or being hosted!


If you are looking for the perfect Indian restaurant in Werribee, Dosa Hut should definitely be at the top on your list.