Who doesn’t love snack time? There’s nothing quite like chomping on light, crisp, tasty treats. The first thing people associate with “Indian food” is a heavy curry meant to be eaten with rice or flatbread. The truth is that Indian cuisine is tremendously diverse and has something for everyone. South Indian food, for example, has some fantastic snacking options. You may visit the best Indian restaurant in Point Cook to try some of these mouth-watering South Indian snacks.


A dosa is a staple in South India, and resembles a crepe very closely. Dosas are made from a batter of fermented rice and lentils. They are light and crisp, and usually accompanied by a variety of chutneys like coconut, tamarind, tomato, and mint, and a lentil and vegetable soup called sambar. They are also eaten with a potato and vegetable mash called “masala” that tastes fantastic and is very filling. Enjoy top quality dosa after a couple of days.


Idli is a mild-tasting rise and black-lentil based savoury cake. These are very popular all over India and South-East Asia. They are very healthy as they do not have any oil and are made purely by steaming. Other variations like fried or rava idlis exist as well for a new experience whenever you’d like. Enjoy some soft and fluffy idlis and some excellent South Indian snacks at any reputed Indian restaurant based in Point Cook.

Vermicelli Upma

A breakfast staple in South India, “semiya” or vermicelli upma is a fantastic and healthy meal which is perfect for breakfast. The dish is made easily and quickly without any excess oil, and also has enough vegetables to provide nutrition for your kids.


These are crunchy treats somewhat similar to churros. They are very crunchy, always made in attractive shapes, and eaten with breakfast or as a snack along with some dal and nuts. Murukkus are extremely popular and are sold by vendors all over India as well as abroad.


The pesarattu is a preparation similar to a dosa, but it uses a gram-based batter instead of the rice-based one that dosas usually do. It tastes great with all the usual accompaniments as well as with ketchup, salsa, or even cheesy dips if you’re looking to be experimental and adventurous.

Chicken 65

A boneless chicken treat, this spicy preparation is one of the finest and most loved non-vegetarian dishes to have made its way out of India and onto foreign shores. The liberal use of chillies and other spices renders a deep red colour and a fiery taste to the chicken 65 that is absolutely unmatched. It will set your insides on fire and leave you wanting more.

Aloo Bonda

Aloo bondas are very popular tea-time snacks, and are basically round fritters made by coating a mash of potatoes, salt, coriander and lemon in a batter and then deep-frying it and serving with tangy chutney.

Medhu Vada

The vada is yet another quintessential snack in India, and is a disc-shaped fritter which is fluffy, crispy, light and golden-brown if done right. They are made of various mixes of lentils and taste absolutely fantastic with coconut chutney and a cup of coffee or a glass of something cold. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Point Cook for enjoyable culinary experience.