South Indian cuisine is adored by one and all for its simplicity and unique taste. Moreover, this particular cuisine is also high on the nutrition value. Most food items in this cuisine are made from lentils and are therefore good for the health. Rice is one of the most integral parts in South Indian cuisine. When it comes to the dishes, dosa and idly are popular worldwide. Dosa is more like a crepe and is made from the fermented batter of lentils and rice. Best eaten with sambhar and chutney, dosas now come with a variety of ingredients like paneer, noodles, chicken, cheese, etc. Dosa is no longer just a round-shaped crispy crepe; infact, it has undergone a massive transformation with the addition of unique stuffing and ingredients. The combination of paneer and dosas is quite new and delicious. If you want to fill your stomach and want to experiment then you must try dosas with paneer. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and try these unique dosas. Here are some lip-smacking paneer dosas to try.


Paneer Masala Dosa


Paneer masala dosa not only contains cottage cheese it also has several other vegetables like tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes, capsicum, etc. The dosa is stuffed with the stated vegetables and a mixture of cottage cheese. Moreover, certain spices are also added to the overall mixture which enhances the taste of the dish to a great extent. This dosa is extremely filling so make sure you have an empty stomach before eating this.


Kara Paneer Dosa


If you love to eat spicy food then you must try Kara Paneer Dosa. In this particular dosa variety, chillies are added to the batter itself which gives a different colour to the dosa too. Additionally, this dosa is a bit on the spicier side. Paneer is further added to the dosa which balances the taste well.


Egg Paneer Dosa


The combination of eggs and paneer is scrumptious. Egg paneer dosa is tummy filling to the core because the stuffing is made up of eggs, paneer and spices. Moreover, a few other vegetables are also added to the same which makes it heavy!

Go to the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne and binge on these dosas!