Tamarind is a tart tropical fruit and is also called Indian date. It adds an appealing tang to sauces, marinades, stir-fries, and even refreshing drinks. Tamarind is a wonderful marinade and barbeque ingredient. A little bit of tamarind could make an intense impact thanks to its distinctive sweet and sour flavour. In India, the unripe, sour tamarind pods are often cooked with rice, meat or even fish as seasoning. Tamarind’s natural acidity is effective in tenderizing meat. When the lamb is marinated overnight in a tangy tamarind marinade, it becomes tender and succulent.

Tamarind is an important ingredient in Indian cuisine particularly, South Indian cuisine. It contains several nutritional components that would be adding to its amazing health impact. Here are a few health benefits of the hot favourite tropical fruit. You could enjoy delightful South Indian delicacies that get a distinctive character because they contain tamarind. Visit the best Indian restaurant in Docklands for an amazing South Indian fare.

Does Tamarind Promote Heart Health?

Yes, it does. Tamarind is quite effective in lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure. The potassium content in tamarind may be responsible for reducing blood pressure levels. It acts as a vasodilator which is effective in reducing the stress on your cardiovascular system. Tamarind is rich in Vitamin C which is a useful antioxidant compound that is instrumental in reducing the influence of free radicals. The free radicals are known to be cellular metabolism’s by-products which are quite troublesome, as far as, heart health is concerned. Tamarind is, therefore, effective in enhancing heart health.

How Does Tamarind Enhance Circulation

Tamarind is rich in iron and just a single serving could be providing over 10 percent of your daily iron intake requirement. A robust supply of iron could boost circulation. Moreover, it rules out anaemia that occurs due to iron deficiency. Anaemia is characterised by fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach issues, and even cognitive disorders. So, it is a good idea to consume plenty of tamarind to prevent anaemia. Come relish delicious food enriched with health-boosting spices & herbs at the most renowned Indian restaurant located in Docklands.

Should You Consume Tamarind for Improving Digestion?

Yes, you should consume tamarind to get rid of digestive issues. Tamarind is regarded as an effective natural laxative thanks to its distinctive dietary fibre content. Tamarind consumption could boost your digestive system. It could help in stimulating digestive juices for speeding up digestion.

How Does Tamarind Promote Weight Loss?

When tamarind is used in cooking food a unique compound could be extracted from it. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is related to weight loss as it has been proved to be responsible for inhibiting a specific enzyme in your body which precisely aids in storing fat. Moreover, tamarind is responsible for suppressing your appetite by boosting the serotonin neurotransmitter. It could be used as an effective weight loss supplement.

Does Tamarind Help in Managing Diabetes?

Yes, it does. A carbohydrate-rich diet could be resulting in uncontrolled insulin and glucose levels that seem to be the most serious issue for diabetics. Tamarind is effective in monitoring and controlling the fluctuations in insulin and glucose levels. Come to the most reliable Indian restaurant based in Docklands for relishing super tasty and healthy food.