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Biryani lovers, ahoy! You’ve spent hours at the best Indian restaurants around you for a taste of this delightful dish that has bewitched the senses of carnivores everywhere. But do you know all there is to know about the origin and the history of biryani? The lip-smacking ‘biryani’ that has managed to take a front row seat in the hearts of every non-vegetarian is more than just a dish that India is associated with. While it is exceptionally popular amongst Indians and a majority of the South Asians alike, this dish, made of a mix of rice, meat, and spices, is known to be originated from Persia. ‘Biryani’ is said to be an Urdu word derived from ‘beriyan’ which is a Persian word that means ‘to fry’ and the Persian word ‘birinj’ which means rice.

While one cannot exactly pinpoint the origin, the Mughal rule in India is a sure influence of the many variations to this dish. From Mughlai to Lucknowi, it isn’t hard to find a biryani dish with their typical spices and curry making each of the dishes worth the time. Another legend also points to a theory that the dish was already a part of Indian cuisine before Mughal evasion.

While all these claims would be hard to put to rest, there is no denying that biryani was and is a dish that one cannot miss out on trying, irrespective of what part of the globe you live in. The taste, however, certainly differs from region to region and area to area, depending on the meat used, the condiment used, and the style of cooking. There are also numerous ways to make biryani without the use of any meat whatsoever!

For all the lovers of rice in Melbourne, Dosa Hut, popular for their mouth-watering South Indian breakfast platters and chaat, also serve the best biryani in Melbourne. Offering you a myriad of choices in their famous Hyderabadi biryani and the Chicken 65 biryani, you can treat your palates to the best food around. Their vegetarian biryani is equally inviting, making it a win-win no matter what your preference!

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